Colour Inspiration: Conch Pink

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Imagine the coral pink interior of an exotic conch shell washed up on a Bahamian beach and you’ve got the inspiration for this week’s article. It’s a colour that is luscious and full of life yet warm and sophisticated. I will admit it might not be the easiest colour to get right — be careful of using it on walls in north-facing rooms (in the Northern Hemisphere), for example, as the cooler light could work against it. A smaller room that receives lots of natural light might be a better candidate for its tropical charms; or perhaps just use it in smaller decorative touches and accessories if you’re not ready to embrace it fully.

In the meantime, enjoy the inspiration of this selection of rooms which show how wonderful this exotic pink can look and where I think it’s fair to say that you would definitely want to ‘stop awhile’ . . .



Top Image: Pinterest

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