Interior Designer: Gérard Faivre Paris

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01-Interior Designer | Gérard Faivre, Paris-This Is Glamorous

Much like last’s week’s Parisian apartment just on the market, Gérard Faivre Paris offers fully renovated, ready to live, stunning apartments for sale in Paris. The spaces, never before occupied, have been labelled Art Homes by the company, their interior design rendering them works of art. Finding the perfect Paris apartment can often take more than two years to complete: after searching for a property, acquiring, renovating and decorating. Gérard Faivre aims to reduce this time frame to two months, offering the possibility of moving into a beautiful space without all the usual burdens . . .

“To create an original work of art, Gérard Faivre imbues himself with the soul of each property. For him, each site is both a blank canvas and a source of inspiration. Depending of the place’s atmosphere, the artist determines the perfect layout, which he then complements with artwork, bespoke creations and vintage details.”

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