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Shopping: Striped Sweaters & Perfect Totes


Shopping: Striped Sweaters & Perfect Totes

Leather & Lace, studded ankle boots and a dash of leopard, nautical Stripes & Perfect Totes — here are a few favourite things on our shopping list for these bright October days . . . 

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Belgrave Crescent | Tuscany Tote

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News 16.05.22 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Whom should you marry? This may be the most consequential decision of a person’s life. The billionaire investor Warren Buffett certainly thinks so. He calls whom you marry “the most important decision that you make.” And yet people have rarely turned to science for help with this all-important decision. Truth be told, science has had little help to offer. Scholars of relationship science have been trying to find answers. But it has proven difficult and expensive to recruit large samples of couples.

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

GIVE ME coffee to change the things that I can and wine to accept the things that I can not, read a quote on a portable sign that I saw on someone’s account this weekend. It’s sunny and just after 6:00pm on what began as a very dark and rainy Monday, but has since turned into a beautiful mid-May day …

Décor Inspiration: Dramatic Marble

LATELY WE’VE been seeing a lot of dramatic marble or other stone elements as striking accent pieces in home décor. It could be an island or an entire countertop, a freestanding bath or bookcase, but whatever is chosen, it is meant to be the centrepiece …

News 11.05.22 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

The iPod grew out of Steve Jobs’ digital hub strategy. Life was going digital. People were plugging all kinds of devices into their computers: digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players. The computer was the central device, the “digital hub,” that could be used to edit photos and movies or manage a large music library. Jobs tasked Apple’s programmers with making software for editing photos, movies and managing digital music. While they were doing this, they discovered that all the early MP3 players were horrible. Jobs asked his top hardware guy, Jon Rubinstein, to see if Apple could do better.

Style Inspiration: Denim Days

NOW THAT WE are out of our trainers and tracksuit bottoms and back into actual clothing again, we’ve switched to living in blue jeans and haven’t looked back. In fact, it’s such a good alternative, we’re looking to add denim shirts and blazers and dresses and skirts to the mix. Denim days may be here again, but that’s because they’ve never really left …

News 09.05.22 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Before we get to the deep dive on the internal drama at Netflix — the internecine battles among top leadership that more than one source calls “the Hunger Games” — let’s pause to let the town enjoy this moment. The thing about schadenfreude is that the freude (joy) is usually savored when the schaden (the bad thing) happens to someone else. In the case of Netflix’s ongoing debacle, however, the streamer’s competitors acknowledge that they are damaged themselves by the sudden discovery that maybe the sky is not the limit when it comes to streaming. But they are relishing the bad news anyway.