Places: Backstage at Inbal Dror, Naeem Khan, Reem Acra & Marchesa

This week’s Places is all about the quiet, stolen moments before the show begins, backstage at Inbal Dror, Naeem Khan, Reem Acra & Marchesa . . .

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star.” ⏤e.e. cummings

News 22.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

SIX OR SEVEN years ago, I realized I should learn about artificial intelligence. I’m a journalist, but in my spare time I’d been writing a speculative novel set in a world ruled by a corporate, AI-run government. The problem was, I didn’t really understand what a system like that would look like.

News 20.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

One word has been popping up increasingly on earnings calls and in corporate filings of some of the world’s biggest companies. From Wall Street giants like BlackRock Inc. to consumer titans like Coca-Cola Co. and Tesla Inc.

At Home With: Designer Rose Uniacke, London

WE GAVE a small glimpse into the London home of designer Rose Uniacke in November of last year, as well as a look at some of her work the following month. This month, coinciding with the recent release of her latest book, Wallpaper magazine featured more of the designer’s Warwick Square home.

Notes from the Weekend

AT THE TIG Substack, we circle quantum manifestation. An intriguing notion: “Similarly, we exist in a superposition of probable realities until we consciously choose to observe or energise one into being.” Observing my thoughts, I find negative ones often appear unbidden and work to banish these from consciousness, trying instead to envision desired outcomes.

News 18.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Visiting a small beautiful village feels like stepping back in time, from the unique architecture to the stunning surrounding scenery. But it’s hard to feel transported when you’re surrounded by throngs of tourists also in search of small-town charm.

News 15.09.23: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

IT STARTED INNOCENTLY enough, as a search for decent pastrami, an item not easily found in Western Europe. We were emerging from lockdown, and while my American passport had allowed me to travel back to the United States a few times…