At Home With: Jane & Jamie Smiley, Mount Algidus, New Zealand

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01--A Farmhouse, South Islands, New Zealand-This Is Glamorous

THIS WEEK’S At Home With features Mount Algidus, a 53,000 acre farm on New Zealand’s South Island. Owned by Jane & Jamie Smiley, this home is unlike any farmhouse you have ever known, with vaulted ceilings, chintz sofas and an antler chandelier made in Sydney–an ode to Jamie’s Scottish roots. Since the location, (a two-hour drive from Christchurch), is so remote, all materials had to be transported piece by piece across the river. Charlie Nott, a New Zealand architect worked on the project with London-based interior designer, Colin Orchard, a friend of the couple’s who worked on two of their past homes in Sydney and worked at Colefax and Fowler in the 80’s; Clive Barrington was the builder whose workforce had to live onsite for weeks at a time to complete the grand project. Click through for gilded wall sconces in pretty powder rooms, canopy beds and wicker on summer terraces . . .

Photography by Lucas Allen for the October 2015 issue of House & Garden, written by Susan Crewe

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