Notes from the Weekend & A Few Lovely Links 07.09.15

THIS WEEKEND, Victoria, a Contributing Editor here at This Is Glamorous came to visit for a weekend away. It would be our very first meeting in person, and it would begin across from the grandest hotel, in front of the statue of the man on horseback, a first meeting that would immediately be followed by pink doors overlooking breathtaking views, a stop by a pastry shop for cake & sandwiches for the curving roads ahead through the city’s famous hills. There would be tufted leather armchairs and a table on the terrace in the Saturday light at the end of a winding and long hike overlooking the city; there would be talk about the past and the present and other lovely things, before parting ways for the evening. Sunday would begin with a drive along the coast to share our (P’s & my) favourite beach (very much worth the 7:00am alarm), followed by brunch (eggs benedict with smoked salmon) and more of our favourite places around this enchanted city . . .

Happy Monday & hope your week is off to a perfect start,
Roséline xo

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A few lovely links :


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& of course, a few things you may have missed …


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Notes from the Weekend & A Few Lovely Links



[Image: at the beach with Victoria, early Sunday morning this past weekend, photo by P.F.M.]

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