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In the News 01.07.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 01.07.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets
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The Mark Wahlberg Playbook Is The Oldest One In Hollywood


“In Mark Wahlberg’s 20,000-square-foot mansion in the exclusive, gated Beverly Park neighborhood of Beverly Hills, he’s hung portraits of four different stars of the old school: James Caan, John Garfield, Steve McQueen, and James Cagney. They’re all men whose acting styles were straightforward, but no less powerful for it, in contrast to method actors like Marlon Brando. All four are untraditional masculine heroes, with busted, broken, or otherwise unremarkable faces; there are no pretty boys, like Paul Newman.

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London: the city that ate itself


“London is a city ruled by money. The things that make it special – the markets, pubs, high streets and communities – are becoming unrecognisable. The city is suffering a form of entropy whereby anything distinctive is converted into property value. Can the capital save itself?

‘London is without question the most popular city for investors,’ says Gavin Sung of the international property agents Savills. ‘There is a trust factor. It has a strong government, a great legal system, the currency is relatively safe. It has a really nice lifestyle, there is the West End, diversity of food, it’s multicultural.’ We are in his office in a block in the centre of Singapore and he is explaining why people from that city-state are keen to buy residential property in London.”

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‘I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium’

“Lithium, a mood stabilizer that can help stop and prevent manic cycles, is usually the first medication tried with bipolar patients; it’s effective for most of them. Including me. I was discharged and sent back to high school with an apple­size bruise on my hip. For two decades since then, I have been taking lithium almost continuously. It has curbed my mania, my depression and, most significant, the wild delusional cycles that have taken me from obsessing over the value of zero to creating a hippie cult (my uniform: bellbottoms, psychedelic sports bra and body glitter, head to toe). As long as I take those three pink lithium­carbonate capsules every day, I can function. If I don’t, I will be riding on top of subway cars measuring speed and looking for light in elevated realms.

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In the News 01.07.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Arianna Huffington’s Improbable, Insatiable Content Machine

“Today, The Huffington Post employs an armada of young editors, writers and video producers: 850 in all, many toiling at an exhausting pace. It publishes 13 editions across the globe, including sites in India, Germany and Brazil. Its properties collectively push out about 1,900 posts per day. In 2013, Digiday estimated that BuzzFeed, by contrast, was putting out 373 posts per day, The Times 350 per day and Slate 60 per day. (At the time, The Huffington Post was publishing 1,200 posts per day.) Four more editions are in the works — The Huffington Post China among them — and a franchising model will soon take the brand to small and midsize markets, according to an internal memo Huffington sent in late May.”

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Peter Thiel, N.T. Wright On Technology, Hope, And The End Of Death

“On a recent Monday evening in San Francisco, 700 members of the Silicon Valley tech scene swarmed the SF JAZZ Center for something of a fireside chat between Peter Thiel and N.T. Wright, hosted by The Veritas Forum. It’s not unusual for the technorati to show up in droves to hear from the billionaire technologist-philosopher Thiel, who co-founded Paypal, made the first outside investment in Facebook, and co-founded the behemoth private data analytics firm, Palantir (recently valued at $15 billion). He is one of the most successful tech investors in history, and has been called ‘America’s leading public intellectual’ by Fortune magazine. Thiel’s fans have made his new book on entrepreneurship, Zero to One, an instant bestseller. But this Monday night he drew a crowd for an unusual reason: to talk about death and God with one of the world’s leading Christian theologians.

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