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In the News 24.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


Emily Faultich
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The Bronx Is Back to Ordinary, and That’s Progress

“Once branded the worst slum in America, Charlotte Street today looks suspiciously like suburban Connecticut. Let the record show that this South Bronx strip bears no resemblance to the post-nuclear wasteland visited by President Jimmy Carter in 1977, when it earned its infamous distinction. Nor the one that, three years later, Ronald Reagan compared to London during the Blitz, except that no Luftwaffe had come to flatten the Bronx. This was not a battle but an implosion. Everyone was a victim or a captor. If there were conquerors, they were of the furtive sort, hoisting no flags.”

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Top 10 life lessons from books of the past

“Bedbugs. Awkward conversations. Embarrassment on the dance floor. No matter what problem you’re facing, the Past has already faced it. More importantly, the Past has already written about it. Medieval scribes sat in their scriptoria and copied recipes for shampoo and techniques for practical jokes involving raw meat. Renaissance printers dedicated their revolutionary movable type to the dissemination of chat-up lines and friendly advice about armpit stench. Every century weighed in on the elusive hangover cure.”

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A New Theory of Distraction

“Still, for all our expertise, distraction retains an aura of mystery. It’s hard to define: it can be internal or external, habitual or surprising, annoying or pleasurable. It’s shaped by power: where a boss sees a distracted employee, an employee sees a controlling boss. Often, it can be useful: my dentist, who used to be a ski instructor, reports that novice skiers learn better if their teachers, by talking, distract them from the fact that they are sliding down a mountain. (He’s an expert distractor in his current job, too; the last time he cleaned my teeth, he hummed all of “You Make Loving Fun,” including the guitar solo.) There are, in short, varieties of distracted experience. It’s hard to generalize about such a changeable phenomenon.”

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In the News 24.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

“It’s a growing and popular sector. According to a recent study by accountants PWC, the value of the UK’s sharing economy could rise from £500 million [$787 million] to £9 billion [$14 billion] by 2025. Last year the British government commissioned a review into the sector to help aid that growth, led by one of the industry’s leading advocates, Debbie Woskow, chief executive of Love Home Swap. In the “independent investigation” into her own industry, Woskow encouraged the government to “embrace the opportunities offered by the sharing economy,” outlining how the UK could become one of the sector’s “global centers.” Job centers were encouraged to start promoting task-sharing platforms and sharing economy businesses were encouraged to start lobbying the government.”

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In the News 24.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

“The world has been clamouring for a super-battery.

Since about 2010, a critical mass of national leaders, policy professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, thinkers and writers have all but demanded a transformation of the humble lithium-ion cell. Only batteries that can store a lot more energy for a lower price, they have said, will allow for affordable electric cars, cheaper and more widely available electricity, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In the process, a lot of gazillionaires will be created.”

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