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In the News 15.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 15.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets



1. Why Startups Love Moleskines

“Last year, Moleskine sold more than seventeen million notebooks, and brought in more than ninety million euros in revenues from sales of paper products, up from just over fifty million in 2010. While some of the company’s success, especially among the young consumers who make up its fastest-growing market, can be attributed to its marketing—which is built on associations with such famous creatives as Chatwin, Hemingway, Picasso, and van Gogh (all of whom used similarly styled notebooks)—for many people, the notebook is simply superior to its digital competitors.”

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2. The rise of cognitive enhancers is a mass social experiment

“Why would anybody want to use cognitive enhancers? To supersize their mental capacities, of course. Depending on the precise method – and the creativity of the given product’s marketing department – touted benefits include superior memory, focus, reflexes, calmness, clarity of thought, problem-solving ability, mental stamina, and ability to function well with little sleep.”

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3. Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins

“We’ve known for some time that sleep is important for the restoration and strengthening specific functions in the brain linked to memory, regulating emotions, decision-making, and even creativity. But scientists are now discovering the processes through which sleep also cleans the brain like a plumbing system, in the process changing its cellular structure.”

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4. Steve Jobs Revered This Designer’s Dictatorial Approach

“Paul’s a very interesting intertwining of a pure artist and somebody who is very astute about solving business problems….I actually think of Paul as much as a business problem-solver as I do an artist. And it’s the marriage of those two things–the very, very practical and the artist–that is unique….His work for me is very emotional and yet when you study it it’s very intellectual. If you scratch the surface you find out the depth of the problem-solving that’s taking place. But when you first see it it’s wonderfully emotional.”

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5. What Is Code?

“Here is what you’ve been told: All of the computer code that keeps the website running must be replaced. At one time, it was very valuable and was keeping the company running, but the new CTO thinks it’s garbage. She tells you the old code is spaghetti and your systems are straining as a result. That the third-party services you use, and pay for monthly, are old and busted. Your competitor has an animated shopping cart that drives across the top of the screen at checkout. That cart remembers everything customers have ever purchased and generates invoices on demand. Your cart has no memory at all.”

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