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In the News 11.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 11.06.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets



1. The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

“Give a colony of garden ants a week and a pile of dirt, and they’ll transform it into an underground edifice about the height of a skyscraper in an ant-scaled city. Without a blueprint or a leader, thousands of insects moving specks of dirt create a complex, spongelike structure with parallel levels connected by a network of tunnels. Some ant species even build living structures out of their bodies: Army ants and fire ants in Central and South America assemble themselves into bridges that smooth their path on foraging expeditions, and certain types of fire ants cluster into makeshift rafts to escape floods.”

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2. Werner Herzog Walks to Paris

“At the end of November 1974, a friend from Paris called and told me that Lotte Eisner was seriously ill and would probably die. I said that this must not be, not at this time, German cinema could not do without her now, we would not permit her death. I took a jacket, a compass, and a duffel bag with the necessities. My boots were so solid and new that I had confidence in them. I set off on the most direct route to Paris, in full faith, believing that she would stay alive if I came on foot. Besides, I wanted to be alone with myself. What I wrote along the way was not intended for readers. Now, four years later, upon looking at the little notebook once again, I have been strangely touched, and the desire to show this text to others unknown to me outweighs the dread, the timidity to open the door so wide for unfamiliar eyes. Only a few private remarks have been omitted.

Delft, Holland, 24 May 1978”

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3. Now, It’s Personal: The Epic, Inside Drama Behind the New Hollywood Agency Wars

“Money, obviously, has redefined the marketplace and played a huge role in defections and dynamics within the agencies. Put simply, many agents just want to go where they can make the most. A talent rep says that the very top people in the agency business earn close to eight figures. The next tier down makes mid-seven figures. A day-to-day agent in his or her early 30s is looking at mid-six figures but possibly a short shelf life — and at big shops, a sense that there’s no big payday looming anymore. And with the possibility that the largest agencies may go public, many in the middle tier think the odds are slim that they ever will get as rich as their leaders.

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4. Apple wants to own every level of how you do music

“If you grew up with that idea of personal collection and curation, you knew how pivotal it could be for building your personal identity. Everyone had a music collection — whether in files or on vinyl — and the size and nature of it said something important about you. I remember staring with dissatisfaction at my modest CD collection (music was expensive back then! Much more than $9.99 a month) at various stages throughout my adolescence, thinking it was alternately ‘too pop,’ ‘too rock,’ ‘too novelty,’ or the unbearable ‘too mainstream.’ Later into college it frequently risked being ‘too pirated’ — I preferred having that original album art to slide into each sleeve, rather than an ugly Memorex CD-R with some Sharpie writing on it, but sometimes convenience won out.

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5. Looking For Tom Lehrer, Comedy’s Mysterious Genius

“Nearly 25 years ago, Jeff Morris, a high school senior in Jeffersonville, Ind., placed a phone call to his new idol. A skinny music nerd with an easy laugh, Morris was a devotee of the Dr. Demento Show, a long-running collection of brilliant musical oddities, from Frank Zappa to ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. That’s where he first encountered Tom Lehrer, whose music was a staple and who was, in the reckoning of the show’s eponymous host, the greatest musical satirist ever recorded. Morris had been assigned a first-person interview on the subject of censorship, and Lehrer seemed obvious.”

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