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In the News 28.05.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 28.05.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets



1. Fifa arrests: how a well-placed insider and stashed cash helped US build case

“Inside the scooter was Chuck Blazer, a suburban soccer dad who had risen near to the top of the sport’s governing body, Fifa, and by 2011 was living the high life in two apartments above Fifa’s regional office in nearby Trump Tower: one for him and one, reputedly, for his cats.”

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2. The Definitive History of Personal Style Blogs, From BryanBoy to Man Repeller

“The very first personal style blogs weren’t started as launch pads for fame (in the form of millions of followers) or fortune (lucrative endorsement deals). No, they began quite innocently as creative outlets. Explaining why she started Style Bubble, veteran blogger Susie Lau wrote, “I was at a full-time job that wasn’t fashion-related and wanted to indulge in fashion as a side hobby, something that was just for me and my personal downtime … It felt like a really joyous hobby to escape to away from the doldrums of work.”

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3. Patagonia’s Anti-Growth Strategy

“The company’s anti-materialistic stance ramped up on Black Friday, 2011, with a memorable full-page advertisement in the Times that read, “Don’t Buy This Jacket.” The ad’s text broke down the environmental costs of the company’s top-selling R2 fleece sweater and asked consumers to think twice before buying it or any other product. The attention the ad received helped to bump Patagonia’s 2012 sales significantly.”

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4. For London’s fashion start-ups, it’s being social that counts

“The web-based fashion and footwear market in Britain was worth $13.2 billion in 2014, according to business research firm Euromonitor International. It predicts that the sector will grow to $16.7 billion by 2019, while sales at traditional stores are forecast to slip slightly over the same period.”

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5. Why Baltimore Blew Up

“Baltimore is like a lot of American cities. It has a small, spiffy-looking downtown with a couple of nice ballparks and some Zagat-listed restaurants for the tourists to visit. But outside those few blocks, much of it is a dead zone. Whole sections of town are packed with crumbling, trash-infested row houses, and this pothole-strewn mess is where people are somehow expected to live. The drug trade has historically dominated Baltimore’s ghettos. But the city is so screwed these days, jokes one African-American resident, that ‘even the drug game is dead.’”

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