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Site News: Brand New at This Is Glamorous | 08.04.15


Brand New at This Is Glamorous | 07.04.15

If you have been following along on Instagram and facebook, you may have come across a few subtle hints here & there of some very major news. As the chocolate-fueled long weekend is now over and it’s back to work, at long last, the official ANNOUNCEMENT . . .

Brand New at This Is Glamorous | 07.04.15

Just months following the successful launch of Belgrave Crescent in January 2014, we began work on our second major endeavour, and after many months of very hard work, we’re insanely EXCITED to finally (& officially) launch the brand new This Is Glamorous Shop!

Brand New at This Is Glamorous | 07.04.15

The concept for the new online shop [] is that it will function very much like a gallery, showcasing a collection of the most beautiful things on the interwebs created by the best artists & artisans from around the world. With a focus on design & craftsmanship, the shop will consist of boutiques, with Belgrave Crescent being one, carrying our line of leather goods, and This Is Glamorous being another, carrying our own branded products, as well as things we have always loved, or items just discovered that will become longstanding favourites.

Site News: Brand New at This Is Glamorous

One of our very favourite items and the first in the shop, is our very own signature Luxury Fragranced Candle in French Gardenia. 100% Soy and hand-poured in France, its classic & subtly sexy scent will drift through daydreams . . .

Brand New at This Is Glamorous

Over the coming weeks & months, many more boutiques will be added to The Shop, but for now, we are taking time and care in finding artists & artisans who are a perfect fit . . .

Brand New at This Is Glamorous | 07.04.15

We will be bringing more news & updates throughout the week, but for now, have a look around the new shop if you like, and as always, thank you for coming along on this new adventure with us.




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