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In the News 09.03.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 09.03.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


1. Standalone camera: Shot (Dead) By iPhone

“The software that is installed on those smartphones and iPhones and what you can do with it supersedes the advantage that any [one] camera system alone gives you for most of us….The battle is over… the smartphones and iOSs have won. The quality is good enough on a smartphone/iPhone today, that when combined with software the need for a dedicated still camera can appear to be a burden to the majority of people out there: unless they have a specific technical need that only a DSLR or speciality lenses can offer…..Now Apple is focusing on the OS X “Photo” App – which they are putting a lot of work into, but not claiming should be a replacement for Aperture or necessarily a “Pro” oriented App.”

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2. How the ‘Blurred Lines’ case could have chilling effect on creativity

“The weeklong trial has featured pop singer Robin Thicke sidling up to a piano to play songs by U2, the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Superstar producer Pharrell Williams attempted under oath to parse the difference between vibe and theft.

Testimony in the Los Angeles federal court proceeding seeking to determine whether Thicke’s groove-heavy, cowbell-driven 2013 pop hit ‘Blurred Lines’ infringed on Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit ‘Got to Give It Up’ has been nothing if not entertaining.”

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3. Ivy league for free : what one man learned by crashing elite colleges for 4 years

“Between 2008 and 2012, Guillaume Dumas took courses at some of the best colleges in North America—Stanford, Yale, Brown, University of California Berkeley, McGill, and University of British Columbia, among others—without being enrolled as a student. He then went on to start a successful online dating business in Montreal.”

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4. The Secret of Saint Laurent’s Success

“From the ashes of an incendiary debut, which sharply divided the industry due to the heavy handling of the house’s rebrand (which saw the first name of the house’s celebrated founder, ‘Yves,’ stripped from the company’s ready-to-wear line), Hedi Slimane has led the house to spectacular results. In the three years since he took the creative reins, the brand has more than doubled annual sales revenue to €707 million in 2014 (about $787 million), up from €353 million in 2011.”

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5. The crazy, true-life adventures of Norway’s most radical billionaire

“Fred Olsen is reliving the day he ran off to sea. The 86-year-old Norwegian billionaire is showing me around the museum-like headquarters of his business empire when he pauses next to a glass-encased model of the Bruno, the fruit ship he boarded in January 1949, just days after his 20th birthday. As the scion of a Norwegian shipping empire co-founded by his great-grandfather and named for his great-granduncle, the original Fred Olsen, he could have taken the predictable path of the privileged. His own father, Thomas, had attended Cambridge and run the family business despite never having worked on a ship. But Olsen decided to chart his own course. Instead of attending college, he spent more than two years touring the world aboard the Brunoand other vessels, shipping bananas from the Canary Islands to Scandinavia and cognac from Bordeaux to the Mediterranean. He labored in lowly positions, as a deck hand and a ‘greaser,’ the sailor who fixes the auxiliary engine that generates electricity. Along the way he studied the boats’ mechanical systems and observed how cargo was managed. ‘It was better than an MBA, better than an engineering degree,’ says Olsen, his pale-blue eyes, framed with rimless glasses, twinkling as he recalls life on the Bruno. ‘No diploma could come close to that education.’”

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