Neon Type Installations in Nature by Jung Lee

Jung Lee, I Dream of You, 2012


ART REDUX : Have you seen the neon type installations by Korean artist Jung Lee? There are two series—Day and Night and Aporia, or “coming to a dead end” in Greek. The Aporia series was inspired by Roland Barthes’s A Lover’s Discoursem, “which tells the story of the ineptitudes of people in love”; that is, “when one falls in love, the beloved becomes a mystery and one will ceaselessly try to figure out the reasons for their mysterious feelings. The desire to express one’s love produces lies and conflicts leading to a dead end.” (Design Milk) For Lee, these empty phrases reveal the sorrow and solitude of modern love. A little reminiscent of Tracey Emin, and very much captivating.

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[via Design Milk]