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In the News 19.11.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 19.11.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. Man and Uber Man

“As the fairy tale goes, Uber was born on a snowy night in Paris in 2008, when Kalanick and his friend Garrett Camp could not get a cab. The two vowed then and there to solve the problem with a revolutionary new app. The premise was dead simple: push a button and get a car … It’s a tasty blame-the-French origin story, but it is only partially true. The pair were in Europe, attending LeWeb, an annual European tech conference. Both were flush with cash and on the hunt for their next business idea. Kalanick had recently sold his second start-up, Red Swoosh, a content-delivery company, for $20 million to Akamai Technologies. Camp had sold his company, StumbleUpon, a Web discovery engine, to eBay for $75 million the previous year.”

Read the rest of this article at Vanity Fair



2. Dave Chappelle Is Back (This Time We’re 100% Sure It’s Maybe Totally for Real)

“We’ve heard the rumors almost since the moment he walked off the set of his legendary Comedy Central show in 2005 at the height of its popularity and disappeared: Dave Chappelle was re-emerging. Going on tour. Getting a new TV show. But this summer, something happened. Ten shows at Radio City, all sold out in hours, all brilliant. Mark Anthony Green sits down with our favorite comic genius for his first in-depth interview in nearly a decade to discuss what took him so long, Donald Sterling’s rights, D’Angelo’s answering machine, and his real comeback plan.”

Read the rest of this article at GQ



3. The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

“In the 1970s, an economist named Richard Easterlin, then at the University of Pennsylvania, learned of surveys gauging people’s happiness in countries around the world. Intrigued, he set about amassing and analyzing the data, in the process discovering what came to be known as the Easterlin paradox: beyond a certain point, countries don’t get happier as they get richer. Today he is at the University of Southern California and is celebrated as the founder of a new branch of economics, focused on human well-being. At the time, though, looking at something as subjective as happiness seemed eccentric to mainstream economists. His findings, Easterlin says, were for many years regarded as a curiosity, more a subject for cocktail conversation than for serious research.”

Read the rest of this article at The Atlantic



4. The Making Of Tesla: Invention, Betrayal, And The Birth Of The Roadster

Tesla Motors probably shouldn’t exist.

The last successful American car startup was founded 111 years ago. It’s called Ford.


Barely a decade old, Tesla is already gigantic and adored. Its market capitalization hovers around $28 billion. Morgan Stanley calls it “the world’s most important car company,” and a 2014 nationwide survey found that Tesla’s Model S was the “Most Loved Vehicle in America.”

So how has Tesla flourished where others have flopped?

Read the rest of this article at Business Insider



5. Music Critics See Their Role and Influence Waning in The Era of Digital Music

“As the entire media industry has struggled to adapt to demands of the digital age and turn a profit, music publications in particular are facing a slew of unique challenges that have redefined their roles and responsibilities.”

Read the rest of this article at American Journalism Review


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