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In the News 01.11.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 01.11.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. The 10 greatest changes of the past 1,000 years

“In Europe, the last millennium has been shaped by successive waves of change, but which shifts, in which centuries, have really shaped the modern world? Historian Ian Mortimer identifies the 10 leading drivers of change.”

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2. What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?

“Another reason that podcasts may be growing is that the economics are compelling. Producing an average podcast costs far less than producing a TV show or a radio show (all you really need is a microphone or two, a copy of Audacity or some other editing software, and a cheap hosting service for the audio files themselves). And the advertising rates on a successful podcast are big enough to pay for the costs many times over. Several top podcasters told me that their CPM (the cost to an advertiser per thousand impressions, a standard ad-industry unit) was between $20 and $45. Compare that to a typical radio CPM (roughly $1 to $18) or network TV ($5 to $20) or even a regular old web ad ($1 to $20), and the podcast wins.”

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3. Tony Robbins, The CEO Whisperer

Few if any self-improvement gurus are as familiar to Americans as Robbins, but somewhat more quietly over the years he has assumed a different role—as trusted adviser to corporate chieftains and captains of finance. He counts billionaires such as Virgin’s Richard Branson and gaming magnate Steve Wynn among his friends. His special gift, say admirers, is his ability to help successful people not only take their performance to the next level but also find personal fulfillment in the process. Robbins’ knack for combining pragmatic analysis with empathy has turned him into a modern-day consigliere to the C-suite. “He’s been a source of direction—a rebooter for me when I got off track,” says longtime Hollywood producer Peter Guber, the onetime CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment and an owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers who first discovered Robbins through his tapes and then became a close friend. “I would call on him to look at what I was doing in my life. Was I being authentic?

Read the rest of this article at Fortune



4. Is New York’s Latest Graffiti Crackdown Backfiring?

“New York City back then didn’t exactly have Kubrickian drugged-up clownish teenagers wandering around raping people, but it didn’t resemble Friends or Seinfeld either. Times Square was still saturated with porn shops and prostitution, subways were riddled with graffiti, and Williamsburg was a good place to score blow (OK, so that might still be the case). Graffiti artists with names like Revs, Cost, and T-Kid ruled the streets, and Giuliani—and, more importan, his NYPD commissioner, William J. Bratton—wanted to do something about it, drawling a line between the aesthetic issue and violent crime rates.”

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5. Could the Secret Service Have Saved J.F.K.?

“A discussion of gentrification is raw. It strikes an intimate chord, slicing into long-term community ties and financial pressures around where to live. It also has a slippery quality. Scholars disagree on a definition. Without a clear focus, fatalistic anger and nostalgia obscure essential questions like: What is gentrification, exactly? Are there different forms of it? And can anything be done about it? Yet with accelerating gentrification affecting many aspects of New York City life from the availability of affordable housing to neighborhood diversity—and, according to some, even jury composition,1—we need a practical discussion uniting personal and local perspectives.”

Read the rest of this article at Vanity Fair


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