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In the News 06.10.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 06.10.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. Find Your Beach

“I suppose it should follow that I am happier in pragmatic England than idealist Manhattan, but I can’t honestly say that this is so. You don’t come to live here unless the delusion of a reality shaped around your own desires isn’t a strong aspect of your personality. “A reality shaped around your own desires”—there is something sociopathic in that ambition.”

Read the rest of this article at The New York Review of Books



2. We Want Privacy, but Can’t Stop Sharing

“You need only read George Orwell’s “1984” or watch the film “Minority Report” to understand how surveillance is incompatible with a free society. And increasingly, people are coming to understand how their online data might be used against them. You might not get a job, a loan or a date because of an indiscreet tweet or if your address on Google Street View shows your brother-in-law’s clunker in the driveway. But less obvious is the psychic toll of the current data free-for-all.”

Read the rest of this article at The New York Times



3. Big Thinkers on the Only Things Worth Worrying About

“F. Scott Fitzgerald gave his young daughter Scottie a list of things to worry and not worry about in life. Among the unworriables, he named popular opinion, the past, the future, triumph, and failure “unless it comes through your own fault.” Among the worry-worthy, courage, cleanliness, and efficiency. What Fitzgerald touched on, of course, is the quintessential anxiety of the human condition, which drives us to worry about things big and small, mundane and monumental, often confusing the two classes.”

Read the rest of this article at brain pickings



4. The Great Psychoanalysts: John Bowlby

“Among our deepest and seemingly most natural aspirations is the longing to form stable, satisfying relationships: to thrive in partnerships that are good for both people. It doesn’t seem much to ask. A lot of people are looking for roughly the same thing. But the painful fact is that very large numbers of relationships have one painful episode after another, or seemingly intractable miserable conflicts running through them; relationships feel like a struggle, rather than a support.”

Read the rest of this article at The School of Life



5. Airbnb Lifestyle: The Rise Of The Hipster Nomad

“It all started about a year ago, when my husband and I got struck by a serious bout of travel lust and decided to step out of the Silicon Valley rat race for a while to wander the globe and explore what it was like to live in different parts of the world.”

Read the rest of this article at TechCrunch


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