In the News 01.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 01.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. Kate Middleton and Privacy Law

“These sentiments are the typical reactions to media invasions of privacy — people should expect no privacy whenever they are outside the confines of their homes. I contend that this view isn’t correct both descriptively and normatively.”

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2. How Different Cultures Understand Time

“For an American, time is truly money. In a profit-oriented society, time is a precious, even scarce, commodity. It flows fast, like a mountain river in the spring, and if you want to benefit from its passing, you have to move fast with it. Americans are people of action; they cannot bear to be idle. The past is over, but the present you can seize, parcel and package and make it work for you in the immediate future.”

Watch the video at Business Insider



3. What your 1st-grade life says about the rest of it

“A mere 4 percent of the first-graders Alexander and Entwisle had classified as the “urban disadvantaged” had by the end of the study completed the college degree that’s become more valuable than ever in the modern economy. A related reality: Just 33 of 314 had left the low-income socioeconomic status of their parents for the middle class by age 28.”

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4. Between Godliness and Godlessness

“The question is this: Which comes first, the faith or the feeling of transcendence? Is the former really a rococo attempt to explain and romanticize the latter, rather than a bridge to it? Mightn’t religion be piggybacking on the pre-existing condition of spirituality, a lexicon grafted onto it, a narrative constructed to explain states of consciousness that have nothing to do with any covenant or creed?”

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5. The American Dream Is an Illusion

“. . . in the world’s 18 richest countries, immigrants constitute 16 percent of the population. If one includes those who are descendants of recent immigrants, that percentage is significantly larger and is certain to grow, since immigrants generally have more children than domestic populations. Consider that, in 2010, 13 percent of the U.S. population was born outside the country, yet 24 percent of those younger than 18 had foreign-born parents.”

Read the rest of this article at Foreign Affairs


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[image : photography by paul costello for domino magazine]

  • Alex said...

    Very interested to read #3, as it relates to my life personally. Where did they pull out that age? Age 28? (I’m not there yet). Well, lets read and see.
    Again, thank you for the link roundup.

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