In the News 26.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 26.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets In the News 26.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. Jeff Koons Is Back!

“Koons was sharing his ruminations on the Renaissance and Baroque bronzes from the Hill Collection then on view in the galleries, and it was one of the artist’s classic performances: no opportunity was missed to point out breasts, testicles, and phalluses, both in the bronzes and in his own work. This way of seeing and talking about art is his specialty, and the crowd ate it up, many of them getting the droll underlying humor of the situation as a deadpan Koons busted taboos in snootsville. But not everyone was happy about it. The very idea of Koons’s being invited to speak at this old-world institution apparently put someone’s nose out of joint enough that he or she had sent the museum postcards featuring drawings of poop.”

Read the rest of this article at Vanity Fair



2. Love Is Not Algorithmic

“… online-dating services are notoriously complicated by users’ own impossible burden of fully representing themselves in a two-dimensional personality. Social media has struggled to contemplate the self-contradiction and inconsistency of its own users …”

Read the rest of this article at The Atlantic



3. Fashion blogging is dead: Long live the fashion…?

“… as all mainstream media and fashion brands are a part of the social media game, are fashion bloggers still the champions of a fashion democracy? If brands and publications can engage and share behind-the-scenes exclusives with their audiences – with far greater budgets to sponsor posts on Facebook and Twitter – is there still space at the table for the fashion blogger?”

Read the rest of this article at The Vine



4. Why We Keep Playing the Lottery

“It’s a game where reason and logic are rendered obsolete, and hope and dreams are on sale.”

Read the rest of this article at Nautilus



5. Dignity

“Most of the workers here make minimum wage, which is eight dollars an hour in New York City, and receive no benefits. Rosa Rivera, a grandmother of four who has worked at McDonald’s for fourteen years, makes eight dollars and fifty cents. Exacerbating the problem of low pay in an expensive city, nearly everyone is effectively part time, getting fewer than forty hours of work a week. And none of the employees seem to know, from week to week, when, exactly, they will work. The crew-scheduling software used by McDonald’s is reputed to be sophisticated, but to the workers it seems mindless and opaque. The coming week’s schedule is posted on Saturday evenings. Most of those who, like Rivera, have sided with the union movement—going out on one-day wildcat strikes, marching in midtown protests—suspect that they have been penalized by managers with reductions in their hours. But just-in-time scheduling is not easy to analyze.”

Read the rest of this article at The New Yorker



6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Miss America Pageant

A sardonic look at the

Watch the video here.


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