In the News 18.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 16.09.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets compiled by P.F.M.


Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. Naomi Klein: ‘We tried it your way and we don’t have another decade to waste’

With her new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate, Klein hopes to set off the kind of powerful mass movement that could – finally – produce the radical changes needed to avoid a global warming catastrophe and fix capitalism at the same time. She argues that we have all been thinking about the climate crisis the wrong way around: it’s about capitalism – not carbon – the extreme anti-regulatory version that has seized global economies since the 1980s and has set us on a course of destruction and deepening inequality.

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2. Dinner With Daniel: Michael Keaton

“Short of an occasional Letterman appearance, Keaton rarely does sit-downs — and is famously a private person. This is why I was also OK with throwing the entire conceit of “Dinner With Daniel” out the window when I heard Michael preferred to meet for coffee rather than a meal. Besides, as much as I enjoy gorging myself on the company dime (and I do), coffee also seemed like it would invariably lend itself to a shorter interview. I was wrong.”

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3. Jon Stewart on Directorial Debut ‘Rosewater,’ His ‘Daily Show’ Future and Those Israel-Gaza Comments

Is he still happy doing The Daily Show? Another shrug: “Uh, yeah. I mean, like anything else, you do it long enough, you will take it for granted, or there will be aspects of it that are grinding. I can’t say that following the news cycle as closely as we do and trying to convert that into something either joyful or important to us doesn’t have its fraught moments. But there will come a point where I’m sure …”

He trails off.

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4. The makers of WordPress learned years ago that the ultimate office perk is not having an office

“Tech behemoths and startups alike spend a fortune on creating plush offices with lots of perks. But arguably the biggest perk is allowing employees to work wherever they want, whenever they want.”

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