In the News 18.08.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets


In the News 18.08.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets

Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets



1. BuzzFeed: we report news differently now – but is it better?

BuzzFeed has grown from a gleam in its founder’s eye to employing 550 staff in New York, London, Paris and Sydney. It stands at number 12 on Quantcast’s monthly US top 100 unique visitors table: far ahead of the New York Times (59) or the Guardian (97); and 13 million uniques a month in the UK make it a potent force to be reckoned with here too.

Read the rest of this article at the guardian



2. How we end up marrying the wrong people

“Anyone we could marry would, of course, be a little wrong for us. It is wise to be appropriately pessimistic here. Perfection is not on the cards. Unhappiness is a constant. Nevertheless, one encounters some couples of such primal, grinding mismatch, such deep-seated incompatibility, that one has to conclude that something else is at play beyond the normal disappointments and tensions of every long-term relationship: some people simply shouldn’t be together.”

Read the rest of this article at The Philosophers’ Mail



3. Tory Burch’s Personal Touch

“In 2014, her company will post more than $1 billion in revenue just 10 years after its public debut. Nobody in recent memory has built a fashion-and-lifestyle business as quickly as she has.”

Read the rest of this article at Fast Company



4. Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

“Herzog’s insights coalesce into a kind of manifesto for following one’s particular calling, a form of intelligent, irreverent self-help for the modern creative spirit.”

Read the rest of this article at Brain Pickings



5. At 18, Tavi Gevinson Is a Fashion Veteran—and a Broadway Rookie

“It has been seven weeks since Tavi Gevinson graduated from Oak Park and River Forest High School, and in that time she has moved from a tiny, cluttered bedroom with a single bed and a revolving collection of handwritten quotes and stylized ephemera at her parents’ suburban house to a studio apartment in a high-rise condominium in downtown Chicago that is paid for by the production team of This Is Our Youth, the Kenneth Lonergan play in which she is appearing with Kieran Culkin and Michael Cera. Rehearsals for the Steppenwolf leg of the show (previews on Broadway begin August 18) began before high school even ended, so perhaps the ending came a bit earlier than the day that she collected a diploma from her father (who is also her manager and the retired head of the English department at her school) and tweeted a photograph of herself in a white dress and a huge smile captioned: SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER!'”

Read the rest of this article at The Cut



6. Hipsternomics: Is the creative class ruining urban communities?

“A little over 30 years ago, Dalston was just another gritty, working class neighborhood to the northeast of central London.Today, boutique cafes dot the high street, hipsters with delicately manicured beards saunter about on fixie bikes while flash newbuild apartments rise high above the local train station.”

Read the rest of this article at CNN



7. Shulman’s Vogue bucks trends to remain on top

“After she became the editor of Vogue 22 years ago, Shulman ran an edition dedicated to “cash and trash” and the high street. ‘The industry was just going: ‘Oh, she’s ruining Vogue, she’s taking it downmarket.’ And 22 years on, they may be still saying it,’ she says mischievously. But this doesn’t worry her. ‘They’ve got used to me. I’m the devil they know.”

Read the rest of this article at Media Week



8. Video : 36 Hours in Nice

“On the southeast coast of France, Nice welcomes travelers with alluring restaurants, a broad beach, sherbet-hued buildings and gay-friendly night life.”

Watch at The New York Times


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