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In the News 12.08.14 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets


In the News 12.08.14 : This Week's Important Articles to Read

Today’s of Interest from Around the Internets | 12.08.14



1. Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain

“But beware the false break. Make sure you have a real one. The summer vacation is more than a quaint tradition. Along with family time, mealtime and weekends, it is an important way that we can make the most of our beautiful brains.”

Read the rest of this article at The New York Times



2. Remembering Robin

“‘The world has lost a tremendous activist and artist, and an inspiration for people worldwide. I have lost a great friend.” Ten years ago, Robin Williams shared those words when Christopher Reeve passed away.'”

Read the rest of this article at The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation



3. Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything

“But recently an important countervailing force has emerged, one that make the process of starting a company less risky. It’s a methodology called the ‘lean start-up,’ and it favours experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition, and interactive design over traditional ‘big design up front’ development.'”

Read the rest of this article at The Harvard Business Review



4. Vice and BuzzFeed: How Very Different Companies Came to Play the Same Game

“Vice and BuzzFeed now appear to be converging on the same business, and video is an integral part of it.”

Read the rest of this article at Mashable



5. Shanghai’s Fashion Future

“Increasing numbers of Chinese students are coming to London to study fashion. Cheryl Leung visited three Central Saint Martins graduates who have returned to China and are reinventing Shanghai as the Paris of the East.”

Read the rest of this article at The Telegraph Luxury



6. Tumblr blocks Bloglovin, fashion’s number-one RSS reader with 25M users

“According to a Tumblr spokesperson, Bloglovin’s access was suspended because the startup was ‘unwilling to remove features designed to siphon traffic from Tumblr blogs, including the wholesale reproduction of blog pages.'”

Read the rest of this article at Venture Beat



7. ‘Ethical Fashion’ Is Completely Changing Lives In Africa

“‘Before Ethical Fashion, I couldn’t educate my children,’ said Lucy, sitting in a circle of women, needles in hand as they deftly sew white seed beads to the surface of smooth, chocolate-colored leather.”

Read the rest of this article at Business Insider


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