Runway : Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 Couture



GIAMBATTISTA VALLI‘S “NEW COUTURE CUSTOMER” IS THE WOMAN OF THE 21ST CENTURY, one who travels around the globe impeccably dressed, adapting herself to every culture in her own distinctive way. This season, she is in the Alhambra Gardens; what appealed to Valli is its blend of Spanish and Moorish cultures, as well as the beautiful intricateness in its architecture, and the striking flowers.

During the day, Valli’s woman wears exquisitely tailored striped silk two-pieces that highlight her feminine silhouette, or white midi dresses with layers and layers of tulle and taffeta, delicately embroidered with blossoms. To protect herself from she sun, she throws on a turban and a pair of sunglasses, which become the only accessories needed to accompany such ornate ensembles. At nighttime, extravagant feathery full-skirted tulle gowns in beautiful ombré tones take centre stage, displaying the impeccable craftsmanship of the couturiers, and showing that the Valli woman is both elegant and eccentric. —Victoria

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Victoria | Contributor, London
Fashion Contributor, London

Victoria lives in the south of Spain, having moved there from her native country Ukraine when she was just a child. She finds herself looking up to timeless icons from past decades including Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Katherine Deneuve and Audrey Hepburn, and longing for sunny afternoons on the French Riviera and walks along the Seine during spring. Always overdressed and dishing out on tailored pieces and shoes – secretly dreaming they were from Dior or Saint Laurent – she dresses for herself rather than others, and would trade breakfast for Vogue or a one way ticket to anywhere beautiful.