Have a Beautiful Weekend & A Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & A Few Lovely Links

IT IS STILL THE WEEKEND here, for today is a holiday, and so this week’s Notes from the Weekend are not [too] late, especially for those who are spending a LEISURELY Monday . . . Last week, in the news & current events, Victoria Beckham celebrated her 40th birthday, and the world lost a LITERARY great. Here, we touched upon the topic of deciding where to live, released a guide for summer MUSIC festivals, and had a thought-provoking DISCUSSION about makeup. Who was ever to know that the topic could be so divisive and controversial on facebook? This week, there are, of course, a MILLION beautiful things planned, including a look at the work of a talented photographer who wished to remain unknown, inspiration in the form of denim and marble and a little of our lately . . .

Hope you’ve had/are having a beautiful [long] weekend, and in the words of Sofia Coppola, “Here’s to beauty and living well, and taking the time to enjoy it.” xR.



A few lovely links :

* décor : a vacation home in the bahamas [mixandchic.com] * recipe : coconut coffee shake [greenkitchenstories.com] * current events : a wedding singer who shocked the crowd with his voice [bbc.co.uk] * at the shops : a white tuxedo jacket & sheer pink lips
* africa : a heartbroken polar bear & a tale of friendship [sendasalute.cnn.com] * how-to : adding detailing to frame mats [littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com] * fashion inspiration : summer whites [tig-fashion.blogspot.com]
* recipe : shaved brussels sprout salad with hazelnuts & pecorino [blog.anthropologie.com]
* spring whites : this pretty maxi dress [for love & lemons]

& of course, a few things you may have missed…

* 10 pretty ways to wear your hair for spring
* Places : Columbia Road Flower Market, London
* Discussion : Do you wear makeup?
* Magic | Realism : The Most Fondest Farewell, Gabriel García Márquez
playlist 18.04.14 : five songs for the weekend
* Places: Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands
* Editorial : Vlada Saulchenkova by Alvaro Beamud Cortes for Glamour Paris May 2014
* five music festivals worth travellng for
* five things to look forward to this weekend
* thought for the day
* Places : Springtime in Paris
* five books : on deciding where to live
* Notes from the Weekend & A few lovely links

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