Discussion : Do you wear makeup?


Discussion : Do you wear makeup?
IT WOULD SEEM THAT EVERYONE has been talking about the topic of makeup lately, especially following the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine’s, recent post on the topic, discussing why she does not wear it.

Discussion : Do you wear makeup?

But despite being someone who not only wears makeup, but adores it and all the lotions & potions and beauty products and their pretty packaging that go along with it, the article did cause a moment of pause, and much thinking about our collective self-image, societal pressures, and a whole torrent of thoughts relating to how the decision to wear makeup or not affects the way others see us, and more importantly, the way we see ourselves . . .

So, the question is, do you wear makeup? Why or why not?

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  • Yes. I do. I love makeup and even trying different shades in my eye makeup. I wear makeup to boost my self confidence. Sometimes, I get tips of my favorite spa in Hong Kong, Flawless, they have great make up services.

  • Karen said...

    I agree with you, Noreen! I’ve never been very skilled with makeup so I take the simple approach as well. I’m 52 and find that less is more these days. I will never be without perfume and wear it every day whether or not I apply makeup. If I do wear makeup it is the following: mascara, otherwise my blue eyes disappear; powder for still shiny skin; a more neutral lipstick – natural pinks or peachy-brown. The bold lip colors I once favored in my 20’s and 30’s seem too harsh now (think the ’80’s and redredred lips, huge hoop earrings – you get the idea!). I’ll never forget the time I attempted the ‘smokey’eye, in my 20’s – lots of deep plum eye shadow, over the entire lid – as I said, I’m not terribly skilled. While at dinner with my boyfriend’s family, his father reached out to smudge my lid as he wondered out loud if my eye was bruised; to which my boyfriend replied “no, that’s her makeup” !!! My mantra has since been to Keep It Simple!

  • Sali said...

    I love mascara, eyeliner, and red matted lipsticks! love it, love it. I use the Dual Finish Matte Lancome Powder instead of foundation. Foundation doesn’t let my skin breath and gives me acne. I have the confidence to go with or without make up to work and get lots of compliments either way. I am not a fan of Gothic make up.

  • I do dont wear make-up on a daily basis. But I wear eyelash extensions. My work doesn’t require me to look good, since I work as a soldier. And also I don’t like the feeling of make up on my skin. I prefer a more natural look.

  • Isabelle said...

    Not every day, but if I manage to put some makeup on it’s usually when I get to work and have a couple of minutes before I start. I will wear eyeshadow, mascara and sometimes bronzer and gloss.
    I don’t feel too much pressure in the medical field to wear lots of makeup.

  • I would love to wear make up everyday but most days I don’t at all. The reason? Kids! After my first child, I still managed to wear concealer, mascara and a lipstick but now my first born is active and busy, my second is a baby who just started crawling and I am still on maternity leave. Between watching and taking care of them, house work and other things, my attempt to have a made up face became a lost cause.

    When I do wear make up, it is because I want to be creative, have a little fun and play with different looks. It is my colour therapy!

    When I do go back to work in a few months, I will get up at 4am to put on make up if I have to. Not because I am not comfortable in my own skin, but because in the corporate world, if you don’t look like you’ve got your sh*t together, it is hard to be taken seriously. If I appear run down by family life with bags under my eyes, people may think I don’t have the energy to handle big projects.

  • Katie said...

    I love makeup…as a brand/packaging designer, I obsess over products. I normally don’t wear too much makeup on a daily basis because my face can’t handle a lot, but I do feel naked without a little bit. I also don’t think caked on makeup looks natural. It feels forced, and though it can/does look pretty, I never feel right when I wear it like that. And I know my husband doesn’t care/like that look either. I wear just a touch of tinted moisturizer, concealer over my acne scars, lately under-eye concealer, some powder in my brows (I feel maintained eyebrows frame the face, and a low-maintenance look works best with groomed brows), pink blush, and always mascara. I like how mascara and blush just add that finished, polished touch that gives me that extra oomph of daily womanly confidence. It’s not much but I like how it makes me feel, and that’s enough of a reason to continue doing it. I also used to paint a lot, and I like “painting” my face with brushes, even if it’s a sheer amount. Something about the act of applying, I guess. I like wearing a lipstick, but lately I like a super natural color that doesn’t sit ON my lips. I like when it sort of sets in, so it doesn’t look like maintenance. Basically, I can get this all applied in about 5-7 minutes because of the mascara application time. It’s pretty quick in the morning, and I don’t often change my routine. I used to wear a little brown liquid eyeliner, but again…it’s becoming too much work. I definitely take more time picking out my clothes….what’s that about?? :)

  • Noreen said...

    I wear only mascara and eyeliner with a little nude lip gloss or only mascara and a peachy lipstick. But I always curl my lashes and wear perfume. I am fifty-five and the simpler the better. I got all my serious make up wearing done in my 20’s and 30’s.

  • May said...

    I wish I didn’t have to wear makeup. I love it and collect it but don’t wear it a lot regularly, but i have to wear concealer to cover my spots, they make me look hideous otherwise. A lot of concealer, it’s practically foundation. When they go and i have clear skin i can judge my face for how it is properly and who knows if i’ll want makeup then? Personally, my nose needs contouring and my lips could do with a boost but my eyebrows are naturally defined and i have big dark eyes, so i don’t need to change that. I could wear makeup to fix the other stuff but that’s striving for perfection, or being as perfect as we can be. The things we want to fix because they’re imperfect are probably only that way because of what we’re told. What’s wrong with a round nose, why does it need to be contoured and pointy? Why are we told it’s ugly? I fall prey to that myself and wish I didn’t, but rethink what you feel you need makeup for and ask yourself why

  • Jenna said...

    I used to wear make-up almost religiously (not much but still every day) but now, 90% of the time I don’t wear any. I find it to be liberating as well as allows me to focus on having beautiful skin, not beautiful products.

    That said, when I am going out to an event or important work meetings I do wear make-up. I am attracted towards a more natural look and natural products though.

  • Every time I see that girls face transform from shot to shot I have to take a moment and look through the pictures again and again. Personally I don’t feel or have the need to wear make-up daily. I do put it on when I am working or going out, but still keep it pretty simple. :) It suits me that way. x

  • Tessa said...

    I do wear makeup, because as a fair skinned natural blonde I look a bit like a white rabbit without it. No brows, no lashes, and I have been shown repeatedly by the media (& told by strangers) that this is unacceptable. I need a tan, I need color, I need mascara, I need blush, etc, etc. the list goes on and on. So, I painstakingly apply makeup every day of my life, as I have since the age of 13. I have actually dreamed of becoming a nun simply so that I could shun the vanity that is disgustingly, oppressively, eclipsing what it means to be a woman. Why must makeup be a requirement in polite society? I don’t know why, but I know that it is. My sister and I have both been in meetings where female managers have said, “You all need to be wearing more makeup.” This is in healthcare & finance fields of business, not modeling. It shouldn’t be legal to demand makeup wearing of employees. I encourage my daughter to go without…and to not be another “obsessed with my selfie” female.

    • Shoshanna said...

      I just discovered Chanel’s perfection lumiere velvet spf15 foundation. It’s my favorite beauty product. I also wear mascara and lipstick on a daily basis. Whenever I feel like doing more, I’ll add eyeshadow and liner.

      I’m also not a fan of this contouring trend. While it photographs well, it tends to be too much in person.

  • I like makeup and playing with it, but I also wish I felt comfortable without it. I have adult onset cystic acne and I find it to be distracting when it’s uncovered and I’m trying to interact with people. I hate seeing their eyes flick to it. So I wear foundation and the like to cover it. This washes me out so blush and mascara help to balance me back out. It’s just a snowball effect.

  • I love makeup though I’ve never really put on more than a tinted moisturizer and lipstick…I tend to play around a lot with lipsticks…obsessed with them actually. lol I do think I’m going to start experimenting some more with different looks like those pretty runway looks you see like on Chanel with glitter eye makeup and the such. Plus, I’ve really got to learn how to do a proper cat eye. It’s fun wearing makeup and I do always like to look my best. *wink*

  • Anya Mac said...

    I absolutely adore makeup! It’s a creative outlet that I do enjoy dabbling in from time to time. I don’t find it necessary to wear makeup, nor does my self-worth depend upon whether I’m wearing any or not. Makeup to me is an accessory, something that enhances.

  • VSantos said...

    I don’t wear make up on a daily basis. But I do take care of my skin with night and day nurturing creams and sunscreen. I leave the makeup for special occasions, or for when I need a confidence boost. I feel that makeup routines take too long, and I can’t afford to sacrifice my extra beauty sleep time in the mornings.

  • Alexandra said...

    It’s funny that you posted this! Within the last two weeks, I JUST started applying foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blush. Prior to that, it was a little eyeliner, mascara, and a bit of lip butter. I think I just wanted a more polished and perfected look for my new job. It felt more grown-up too…the lack of sleep was showing and it’s nice to still look primped! As Coco Chanel said, “I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” And it’s true…I really do want to be as pretty as possible for destiny.

  • Cassie said...

    I’m a huge advocate for the “no make-up make-up look”, but in some respects it requires so much more time and uses so many more products. I remember watching a Lisa Eldridge video on the perfect date night look and she suggested that most men don’t realise how many products go into a “basic look” – so much more than a smokey eye or a red lip! Of course, I wear make up for myself, not for anyone else but I enjoy the outcome of wearing make up, the confidence I get from having my scarring covered, or enhancing a feature when I’m not feeling great about another. Make up is also my refuge sometimes. When I’m not having a great body image day, it’s comforting to know that I can feel glamorous with a few extra swipes of mascara even if my skinny jeans are a bit too snug.
    Thanks for this discussion!

  • Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the great conversation & wonderful input in this discussion — it would seem that makeup is a very personal thing, and our thoughts and choices about it are as individual as well are. xR.

  • Wendy said...

    Like you, Roseline, I too wear makeup and adore all of the lotions and potions and the beautiful packaging (I like to think of it as bathroom jewelry). During the day when meeting clients or running errands I operate under the “less is more” philosophy. I do it because it give me a clean, polished look. However, I would not hesitate to leave the house sans makeup to pick up a few items at the market.

    For date nights with my fabulous husband I put more effort into it really because I enjoy the process of getting ready to go out. And of course a glass of champagne is a lovely part of the process. If I were to be truly honest, I am a bit of a girly girl. And proud of it!

    By the way I’ve been a devotee of your fabulous blog for some time now. I look forward to every post and the time spent lost in every beautiful image and story. Thank you.

    • Wendy — thank you so much for the lovely note and for the thoughtful words about This Is Glamorous. xR.

  • athena said...

    Hi there…I, like so many woman, can never seem to get it right….. do you have a recommendation for a pro makeup artist in nyc…… i would love to see what i look like all glammed up… i will be 43 this year…. i think it is time i learn to feel better about something more than tinted moisturizer…


    • Hello Athena — not certain off the top, but will ask around & see what I come up with. xR.

  • Goodness what a difference that chart shows! I wear makeup but haven’t ever gone to that level of glam. Mostly I’ll wear concealer, blush and mascara to add some daily polish.

  • I only wear a little eye liner and mascara but after seeing the complete transformation in this photo, I think I need to learn how to wear make up for real!

  • I, too, work from home so most days I just wear lip gloss. If I know I’m going out, I’ll use a little foundation to cover up mild-rosacea areas, some blush for rosiness, maybe a little smudged eyeliner, and lip color. If I’m wearing contacts I’ll wear mascara to look more awake.
    Oh, I am addicted to my eyebrow powder kit. Every day.
    Contouring, heavy blending, and thick eye make-up isn’t for me because you shouldn’t look unrecognizable when made-up, unless it’s for a modeling job or on Halloween. Make-up should be used to cover flaws and enhance our natural beauty, not give us new faces.

  • I do not usually wear make-up mostly because, as someone else state, I’m not very good at putting it on. I’ve tried (what feels like) hundreds of tutorials and no luck. I assume one day I will gather myself & take a class.

    However, I will say that on the rare occasion I do wear make-up I feel like the absolute best version of myself. It makes me feel like I belong at the occasion or at the super important meeting.

  • Michelle Peeples said...

    I have adored makeup/cosmetics since I was a child and that has not changed. However, as I’ve gotten older I have gone through periods where I’ve gone without wearing makeup (never perfume I am a full-fledged will-never-be-in-recovery-perfume junkie) and I’ve felt fine about it. I can honestly say that I’ve worn makeup just for me and enjoy the confidence boost I’ve gotten from it.

  • I work from home, so most days, no. But if I leave the house, then yes, at least a little. My makeup (unless it’s for a big night out) takes about 5 min (for a full face, foundation and all – for big nights it’s maybe 10 mins). I don’t have a face that can wear a LOT of makeup (i.e. Kim Kardashian) which is fine because I’m really not a makeup junkie. I just like to enhance what I have.

    Hair, however, is a whole ‘nother story…

  • Tina Martinez said...

    I can completely understand why some would choose to not wear makeup. And some look fabulous without (oh you flawless skinned gals) I think its a great way for women to express themselves and highlight their favorite features. Not to mention the boost of confidence one gets from rocking that cherry red lipstick! Wearing makeup is what you make of it. It can be perceived as conforming to social standards of beauty OR it can be a way for a woman with acne scars from her teenage years to feel a little more confident in her beauty. And there’s nothing wrong with a little more confidence :)

  • I do wear makeup, but my approach is a “less is more” kind of attitude. If my skin looks particularly glowy, I won’t put anything on but a bit of mascara and lipstick. If I’m in a hurry and don’t care about how I look because I’m just going to run a few errands, I won’t put anything on. But if I’m going out with girlfriends I will put on a good bit just for fun. I have noticed that I put on more makeup when I am going to be around other women. When I’m going on a date with my husband for example, I know he thinks makeup is unnecessary so I wear a minimal amount. But around other women who are criticizing and harsh, I cover up any and all flaws. We should change this as a society.

    • Most definitely! re: other women — how awful! — sounds like you may hang with a tough bunch? xR.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot. My reason for wearing makeup is confidence. You never know who you might bump into. It’s better to feel prepared and at ease. It’s kind of like a protective armor for your ego. Pretty much like clothing.

  • I usually wear Rimmel Lasting Finish 25h Foundation (be it day or night), blush, Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara and one swipe of wine colored lipgloss which wears off (I don’t usually bother to reapply). I sometimes dust on a bit of bronzer before the blush, because I’m quite pale (I contour the face a bit with it, but nothing as dramatic as the pic above).
    So that’s 4, max. 5 products for me every day. If it’s an important occasion I usually wear black and gold eyeshadow (kind of a smoky eye), but most of the time I’m too lazy.
    There were times when I only used a BB cream and mascara, but I prefer the more polished look nowadays.

    • That’s interesting re: switching from just BB cream & mascara — do you know what prompted the change? xR.

  • Rachael said...

    Yes, but I’ve worn it so much more lately than ever before. I now added shadow and mascara, primer and lots more color for lips. It’s a lot of fun but it’s been expensive and exhausting collecting all the things I need and coordinating those products.

  • good question! I wear abit of make-up, but am not good at it.. I think I wear it b/c all the other women I see look better with make-up in certain situations…

  • Yes, I do but I do not make a fuss out of it, it’s jyst something else you have it with you(on you) apart from keys, purse, etc.

  • That is a gorgeous contouring and highlight chart!
    That would be an example of a night look for me, but on a daily basis a bit of highlighter,mascara blush really changes your skin and brightens your look.
    Confidence and looking put together are a big impression in the professional world, so I feel that make up really enhances your natural features and can cover up a lack of sleep/ stress for just a few dollars a month
    Either way, little or a lot everyone can project their best self

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