Five Books : Why Deciding Where to Live May be the Most Important Decision you Make


Where we choose to live will have a profound effect on many aspects of our lives, including professional opportunities, quality of life and the people we meet. Arguably, where we live is as important a decision as choosing a partner or career, yet for many of us, where we choose to call home is just a matter of happenstance.

Here are five books that will help you better understand the significance of choosing the place that best fits your own unique sensibilities. -P.

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  • Carrie said...

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a couple of years now (you’re my absolute favorite!)…and I love love love the book recommendation addition!! I’m currently reading Who’s Your City, and it’s incredibly interesting. Thanks so much!! xx

  • This is such perfect timing ! I am in the very beginning stages of finding a new place to live and selling my house .. and doing it all alone for the first time .. I need all the help I can get . Merci, besos ! C

  • This post couldn’t come at a better time. I have recently decided to move from St Andrews to London (even though I prefer the country) so I will definitely be checking out a few of these.

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