At the Office : 5 Small Books with Big Ideas


    Steal Like an Artist is a short but thought-provoking look at writer and artist Austin Kleon's creative philosophy. The book explains how artists take ideas from a variety of sources to create something fresh and transformative. The book discusses the important distinction between stealing ideas to create something new, and the hack who merely imitates or copies. A great book for those striving to be unique.

Limitations encourage creativity : “Never rue the limitations of a design problem – a too-small site, an inconvenient topography, an overlong space an unfair palate of materials, contradictory requests from the client… Within those limitations lies the solution to the problem!” –From 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

We had such a great response to the Five Books to Inspire Your Business & Life article, thought we would share a few more titles from our bookshelves. These five are all short books that can be read in one sitting, and yet they are filled with big ideas to help fuel your creativity. -P.

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  • Estefanía said...

    I love, love, love, love this!. You guys should make this a regular post in the blog. I’m already reading some of the books you featured in the last post.

    Thank you so much, the site is stunningly beautiful, keep it up.

  • Just loving these reading recommendations! Thanks so much for the thoughts.

    xx Katie

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