{hope you’re having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

{hope you're having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

AND THIS WEEKEND was holiday errands, a new hutch and organising before family arrives for the holidays, the florist across town for holly & evergreen wreaths—[one tied in fuchsia satin ribbon, and the other, in Flower of Scotland tartan]— sequins and the search for mistletoe and long conversations late, late into the night, plans & dreams and drinks by candlelight, and yards of satin and white velvet ribbon . . .

Hope you’re having the most enchanting nearly-Christmas weekend, and that it’s beautiful where you are, —Roséline xo

{hope you're having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

A few lovely links

* in the kitchen : homemade champagne simple syrups [spoonforkbacon.com]

* fashion : bianca jagger & the white pantsuit [voguetteblog.com]

* diy : steel garment rack [camillestyles.com]

* for the holidays : this beautiful check coat

* before & after : the difference glass fronts make [fotostwory.blogspot.com]

* reading : a shepherd in the lake district & twitter [theatlantic.com]

* at the shops : this tom ford lip color gift set & this gold sequin shoe

* art : trees cut from paper shopping bags [thisiscolossal.com]

* recipe : christmas coconut cake [bonnetable.wordpress.com]

& thank you for the link-love:

& of course, a few things you may have missed . . .

* holiday gift guide : pour les enfants
* colour inspiration : christmas comes in shades of red & green
* trends : favourite street style looks of the moment
* places : chandeliers & carrara in the kitchen
* holiday gift guide : for the modern gentleman
* finding the perfect christmas tree & other disasters
* notes from the weekend & a few lovely links[images : carrie harwood @wishwishwish]