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{hello from paris}


{hello from paris}

Hello again and hope you’re well, and please do excuse the very long and unexplained absence. Six days ago, were suddenly and immediately called to Paris by terribly sad news, landing in the golden and early evening of last Friday to even sadder news, and worse still in the early hours of Tuesday morning, resulting in the extension of our stay here, to Sunday.  And days have been running and drifting into the next, and amidst the roses and fountains and grand boulevards that are brief and unconvincing distractions, there is the profoundness of things left unsaid, beautiful intentions and a million farewells; there are the sounds of elevators bells and footsteps on linoleum floors, sunlight streaming through closed shutters and not enough time, not ever enough time.  [And if you are near someone you love at this very moment, tell them so, and if they are far away, call them to let them know], for time flies and years pass and there is never, ever enough . . .

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