{a new week : home again & hello}



. . . by the time you read this, will have already awoken at an unfathomable hour last friday morning, thrown a pair of glittery shoes, red lipstick, and a few silk dresses into a weekend carryall, and dashed out the door to catch an early flight to spend a few beautiful days in paris, and during that time, there will have been walks in the rain and a ride on a ferris wheel, candlelit dinners in quaint bistros and hot chocolate and delicate pastries in beautiful tea salons, visits with family over glasses of champagne, and walks along the always breathtaking quai d’orsay, and now it’s home again and much to catch up on . . .

it’s lovely to see you again & hope you’re well, —roséline xo

{p.s.} still to come this week, the winner of last week’s holiday giveaway, more holiday inspiration, and a brand new city guide / {take me away} x

[image : photography by christina brosnan of brosnan photographic]