{hello | late-week musings & the things we always come back to}



. . . there are things we always come back to, one of which was intimated last week, and on this [romantically] overcast thursday, in a dusky café with a stack of [more] thank you cards to write, have been drawn, again and again, to this breezy, springtime-perfect room — first published here, [like betsey johnson’s pink manhattan apartment], in 2007, with the actual image, astonishingly, dating back to 2001, and yet, the clamshell-ruffle appliqué tablecloth, draped along the hardwood and shaped from a continuous two-hundred-yard-long strip of damask, is as breathtaking today, as it was so long ago . . .

{p.s.} the first great love story still to come x

[image: scan, from martha stewart living, photography by james merrell]