{a new week, a new month, and a brand new year}




. . . the first week of this new year has already been a spectacular flurry of activity, beginning with a new tiffany blue & gold-leafed daybook waiting to be filled, and on the eve of new year’s day, a meeting in a hotel lobby amidst the still twinkling post-holiday fairy lights, to plot and to plan and to dream, and there is so much to tell you, including, currently, two enormously exciting projects in the works, a wedding in paris in june, and still to come, the grandest adventure of all, that may just change everyhing–and so, it is wild anticipation that we begin the second week of this new year . . .







. . . but first, a fondest look back at a few of the beautiful moments of the past year . . .

01 | january
* a feature in lonny magazine

02 | february
* a trip to paris & valentine’s wishes

03 | march
* introducing : laily, the first {favourite five} & [all the rest here]

04 | april
* tiaras & a royal wedding, a feature in high gloss magazine and organizing for spring

05 | may
* still [barely] sticking with new year’s resolution workouts & an interview with donna hay

06 | june
* summertime, summertime and a feature on apartment therapy

07 | july
* oceanside dreams & 10 style essentials

08 | august
* new york for fashion week & a stay at lake placid lodge, and a trip to montreal

09 | september
* introducing : sarah; a series of guest posts at once wed, and a feature in we like we love magazine

10 | october
* sarah’s first article; a feature on tory burch, and trips to lyon, geneva, annecy & paris

11 | november
* a luxuriously quite & cosy month with plenty of boyish charm

12 | december
* a website refresher, macarons, sequins & chignons, merry, merry and a new year

happy monday! hope your week [& year] is off to a perfect start,
roséline xo


{above: more images of the stunning parisian apartment first published here}