{back again & a brand new week}


{back again & a brand new week}
. . . and after traipsing about in lyon, geneva, annecy & paris for the past ten days, long-lost family and some seen only recently, grainy old photographs, conversations in french, red wine and happy memories, and after only a day back again with cases still unpacked and so much to catch up on, it’s monday, monday and very much back to work, on a brand new week positively filled with beautiful things: a new {favourite five}, as well as the second installment of {take me a way}, sarah‘s new travel series, and of course, a million photographs from recent travels, near & far, but first, a glimpse at the mountain lodge from a few weeks past . . .

happy monday! it’s lovely to see you again — hope you had a beautiful weekend & that your week is off to a perfect start, roséline xo

{image: pretty stuff}