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Jewelry is made by creating bonds: melding precious metal and stringing luxurious pearls, jewels and gems, melting pieces of glittering gold; but the most important bonds are not made with jewelry, but through it — the bonds between people that a piece of jewelry can create are eternal.


M.Flynn creates the kind of jewelry that memories are made of, whether the bracelet that glistens in the summer moonlight on a stroll after a first date, the sparkling crystal earrings that glitter in photographs from a best friend’s wedding, the necklace that marks a first anniversary, or the the ring that is passed down to a granddaughter.

Elizabeth Taylor, who owned one of the most admired jewelry collections in history, once said, “My pieces of jewelry are my most cherished stories about a lifetime of fun and love and laughter.” Memories can be made of the details–after all, it is all in the details . . .


The savvy duo that makes up M.Flynn is comprised of Megan and Moira Flynn, two sisters with a passion for jewelry who got their starts studying business and marketing. Turning their passion into a business, Megan and Moira recently opened a boutique {second from top} in Boston’s South End neighborhood to showcase their enchanting designs.

From their chandelier tiered drop necklaces to their antique Swarovski flower earrings, each charming and elegant piece is made with the utmost attention to detail. Their special occasion accessories line, faire la fête, (French for “to party”) features the perfect accessories for weddings, galas, balls and soirées.

Along with their own designs, Megan and Moria re-create timeless pieces from their grandmother’s expansive costume collection and also re-work antique heirloom jewelry.


This week, in a special two-part Favourite Five feature, Moria and Megan each share with us:


{the top five ways a background in business can contribute to artistic endeavors:}

For Moria, the top five ways working in banking & attending business school has influenced the jewelry-making process and the creation of their business:

1. I worked at the bank during the Argentine economic crisis — it was an extreme circumstance, but it made me realize that things can change quickly and that being flexible is important. With business we realize that we may need to change or adjust our model every once in a while.

2. Sloan [business school] taught me how to analyze a balance sheet and income statement.

3. Our style is timeless and easy-to-wear. Business school taught me that you don’t need to chase trends in order to be relevant. We stay true to our customers and set ourselves apart with high quality and customer service.

4. Our operational budget is always a work in progress — we are small but we know it is important to keep overhead and production low.

5. Argentina is known for their classic, sophisticated style, which has always influenced our design.


For Megan, the top five ways working in marketing & receiving an Master of Science degree have influenced the jewelry-making process and the creation of their business:

1. We realize that we can be creative, but school taught me that we ultimately need to make things with our customer top-of-mind.

2. Writing was a focus of my program at Medill and is the most-valuable skill a person can have . . . well, Math is important too. Every day we need to write our customers and potential customers in an effective, concise way.

3. Communication is changing so quickly, but I think I have learned that picking up the phone or talking face-to-face is incredibly important and will never be replaced by email, Facebook or Twitter. My first job in PR made me pick up a phone and forced me to sell my clients to editors who didn’t want to hear from me. When you own a business you need to put yourself on the line every day. I force my employees to use the phone — they don’t like it but I feel it’s important to be direct.

4. Measure, measure, measure. Every piece of communication should be measured. We are still working on this, but today’s direct marketing programs make it easy to track your effectiveness. Even a small business can evaluate an email campaign.

5. Success in fashion is about skill, a good marketing plan and doing the math to see if you can afford it all.


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~ laily

{all images created by this is glamorous from M.Flynn}

Laily Mesbah
Contributor, New York City

Laily lives in NYC and began contributing to This is Glamorous in 2011 - interviewing designers for a popular series called Favourite Five. Her background ranges from studying documentary photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan to founding Project Flora, a company that works with florists, event planners, and socially-conscious brides and grooms to resell flowers after events, donating a part of the proceeds to charity. She currently runs a digital media and marketing company servicing an array of clients, including Flower Girl NYC and Lushlife Nailworks. Her new column, La Fête, explores trends in the world of event design and planning.

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  • Penelope said...

    I completely agree that nothing can compare with face-to-face communication in this digital age! Great advice…I am thinking of starting my own jewelry line and a friend forwarded me this article and I will take this advice to heart!

  • Tres chic! Love the tips, thanks for sharing! I am going to check out their store next time I go to Boston!

  • Really enjoyed this advice – as someone just about to graduate in a month or so with a combined Bachelor of Arts and Business (majoring in marketing), this advice rings true and makes me thankful that my degree is relevant in real life!

  • Absolutly gorgeous jewelry, and so good to read about their business advice.

  • Such great advice! Thank you! And the jewelry is just beautiful!! Love the first piece pictured!!
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  • Lovely pieces and such helpful tips! Good luck to you ladies and thanks for sharing! xx

  • I enjoyed reading this so much, Laily (and Roséline). Their jewelry is gorgeous, and I love Elizabeth Taylor’s quote about her collections. It is so special and meaningful that they re-work antique heirlooms. Their top 5 influences of their studies and experience are such valuable pieces of information. It really shows how important it is for one to actually take the time to gain experience before jumping into starting their own business. I can also see how writing, budgets, and math are so important. I think one of the best statements was the last, regarding success being all about “skill, a good marketing plan and doing the math to see if you can afford it all.”

    Now, I am off to check out more of their beautiful jewelry! :)


  • Gorgeous jewelry — and I’m doubly loving them because my OWN daughter’s name is Meghan Flynn (and we almost named her Maura!) :-)

  • Wonderful post! Details are the ones which certainly make the difference. The shop looks amazing. I completely agree with Megan on the importance of direct communication with the client, especially when you have your own business. This weighs a lot in the image of your brand. :)Ada

  • I highly enjoyed this. i graduated with a degree in econ but soon hope to have my own business doing something artistic. i think artists are some of the best business people – not only do they need to be creative artistically but they need to market themselves and their work as well as balance a budget, a lot of times all on their own.

  • I’m so in need for some new jewellery. Anfd these pretties sure add bling to your life – not to mention zing ;)

  • The jewelry looks amazing.

  • I love their jewelry! And this is all great advice!

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