{favourite five: jewelry designer suzie gallehugh}


In ancient history, glittering gemstones were thought to have enchanting powers to heal. Although gems were rare, they were precious because of the powers they were believed to have imparted to those who wore them, and kings and queens had gems set into their crowns in order to obtain their potency.


The mystifying qualities of gemstones do not only lie in their healing powers, but also in the ravishing beauty they exhibit. Opening a gift box to find glimmering jewels can sweep one away into a dream world befitting a monarch and make one feel like royalty in just an instant.


Suzanna Dai, the jewelry line of Suzie Gallehugh, takes the elegant and timeless jewels once reserved for queens and princesses and transforms them by adding a modern flair. With intricate embellishments and regal antique touches, Suzanna Dai jewelry takes a ride through history — the glittering emeralds in the Jaipur Collar necklace may evoke an empress looking out her window at the Taj Mahal in the 1600s; the smoky topaz and shining black diamonds in the Windsor collection may sweep one away to a state dinner at Buckingham Palace; and the bold and breathtaking marriage of turquoise blues and greens in the Amalfi cuff draws from mosaics in ancient ruins in its namesake coast off Italy. It is clear, Suzie Gallehugh’s greatest influence in creating her pieces comes from the magnificent beauty of the world and its cultures.


Her sparkling collections, that have adorned the likes of model Elizabeth Hurley and is a favourite in the wardrobe department on the set of Gossip Girl {above}, can be found in luxury department stores like Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

As Suzie continues to jet-set the world over searching for the most exquisite gems, we were delighted to catch up with her and find out:


{top five 5 favorite gems:}

1. green tourmaline
Green is my favorite color, and this particular stone comes in a shade of olive/apple green that I really love. My parents bought me a green tourmaline as a college graduation gift, and it is my favorite ring. I could just stare at the myriad shades of green in it forever.

2. freshwater pearls
In a way, I like these better than real pearls because of their imperfect shape, and they come in a variety of soft iridescent colors that can light up anyone’s face. I have a strand in a shade of greyish lilac that is a great neutral and coordinates with most anything.

3. labradorite
I love this gem because of its opalescent glow. At first glance, it looks like a boring grey stone, but when you catch it in the light, it suddenly starts to glow in shades of indigo, turquoise, green, and yellow. I like it because it’s so unexpected. I use labradorite beads in my Kathmandu collection.

4. pyrite
Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold, but it’s so sparkly and rich, that I don’t care! It looks really cool when it’s just a rough rock – it has a dull gunmetal glitter about it. It’s really amazing when it’s polished, though. It sparkles like hematite, but has a warmer, slightly yellow cast to it. I’d like to have a pyrite ring.

5. alexandrite

This is a really cool stone, which also happens to be my birthstone. Like the other stones on my list, Alexandrite isn’t what it seems to be at first. In natural sunlight, it has a purplish-indigo glow, but under other types of lighting, it transforms into a purplish-pink. Sometimes it even glows greenish-purple. It’s a very rare stone, and is therefore quite expensive. One day I’d like to add one to my collection.