{monday, monday & all in a day’s work}



. . . after one of the most relaxing weekends ever, overflowing with excitement for a new week, and over time, have begun to fall in love with mornings over late evenings, for their hazy early light and their miles and miles of new hours yet to be filled, and have always, always adored new weeks for this very reason, and for all the promises of new and undiscovered things . . . and this week is lovely projects, meetings and appointments, unruly inboxes and long lost letters, and little things that will comprise, at the end, enormous and enormously life-changing events in a few months’ time . . . and so, for now, a pair of elegant wide-legged jeans, a chic carry-all, a chignon, and today’s paper, and it’s back to work . . .

happy monday! it’s lovely to see you again & hope your week is off to a perfect start, roséline xo

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