{countdown to the royal wedding: high tea}


{countdown to the royal wedding: high tea}. . . and with the royal wedding merely days away, there is talk of duchesse satin gowns and horse-drawn carriages and happily ever after, and if you’re hosting a tea party to mark the momentous occasion, be certain to serve vanilla bean buttercream cake, scones and profiteroles, and vanilla & coconut macarons, of course . . .

{countdown to the royal wedding: high tea}
{countdown to the royal wedding: high tea}

{countdown to the royal wedding: high tea}

{photography by natalie hunfalvay for hello naomi, here & here via 79 ideas}

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  • I love this post and the images! I love the precious tea cups so much I included them in my blog post today. :) Thank you for posting these images to share with your fans! I hope you enjoy my take on a tea party as much as I enjoyed yours. :)

    xo Christina Leigh

  • Oh I love this! Definitely following this blog. :)

    ♥ sécia

  • I love a good tea party, and I love this post. There is something so civilized about sharing a lovely cup of tea, on beautiful china, footed tea cups, and silver tiered tea trays, with a few good girlfriends. I love the image of the art deco teapot with the peppermint tea label…so utterly lovely. When I recently got married, registering for all the high tea goodies (I did three sets, blue and white, floral, and white, you would be proud ;) was probably one of my favorite things ;)

  • paulette — yes! completely thought about you when writing this post :)

    gam — so, so lovely — thank you! wonderful to hear you begin your mornings here x

    felicity — well hello miss felicity! have fallen a little behind on the emails again, but definitely one is on the way; and thank you! have, indeed, been overflowing with new-found inspiration again recently and most certainly! re: royal wedding

    rachel — thank you! & hope you are as well x

    nina pundarik-dossin — interestingly enough, had known that :) but so adore that you took the time to write it out and share with everyone — would also like to add that it is also the reason why many british refer to dinner as having their “tea”

    callie grayson — isn’t though? can hardly wait!

  • a completely dreamy post!!
    I hope to be planning a tea for my girlfriends in celebration of the wedding over on this side of the pond! It is such an exciting time!!

  • Hello!

    I just wanted to point out something that I found out yesterday about “high tea” that actually surprised me. I’m a tea lover and I find this interesting and so I feel like you’ll probably find this to be interesting, too.

    People commonly use the words “high tea” to mean “fashionable tea,” or the more elegant images we have of tea taking with women sitting around a table together in pearls, chatting and using dainty and elegant china. However, “high tea” actually has nothing to do with “huate” but is simply referring to the time when the tea takes place. High tea takes place later in the day. It was common amongst the working class of England who didn’t have time to take a tea break and so they had to have “high tea”, where they would take tea with their supper. “Low tea” was tea in the early afternoon which was accompanied by dainty treats like scones instead of a meal. “Low tea” was the tea party you invited your friends to for socializing and sharing scones and tea cakes.

    That actually surprised me quite a bit when I learned it because before yesterday, I had been using “high tea” to describe the elegant social tea parties. The things you learn on Google! :P


  • Hello Roséline, I am so anxious for the royal day to arrive and a pretty tea party to celebrate would be simply divine! I can’t think of anything more lovely than to indulge in some regal beauty while enjoying some of my absolute favorite things…cake, macarons, & tea. These images are beautiful, and completely inspiring me to celebrate with some dainty beauty such as these. Those teacups are exquisite!

    I hope you are having a lovely week!


  • Love these images. Especially the bottles lined up with the silver pitcher. Very elegant!

  • Its funny because I’m drinking tea right now! I’ve started drinking green tea with a splash of lime more lately, it taste amazing. Beautiful image choices as usual Roséline !

  • fxox said...

    Miss Roseline, I see you have found your ” groove” again, lovely posts lately.

    And who wouldnt be looking forward to a royal wedding? :-)

    Hugs FXOXO

  • I’m inspired to take a tea break immediately! Such dreamy images!

  • This makes me want to be English so I can take a break from work everyday for tea!


  • These are so elegant. I so look forward to you post. “This is glamorous” is on my home page and it is the first thing that I look at every morning. Thank you

  • we need to bring teatime back big time! xx

  • Oh sounds beautiful…xxx

  • now this is one mouth-watering post..and royally so!! thanks for sharing these gorgeous images..have a lovely visit my blog and answer a simple question when you have a moment! xx meenal

  • I have to admit that despite have zero interest in the royal family, I really can’t wait for this wedding. My curious side can’t help it :)

    and if only my parties looked as pretty as these images!

    p.s. I’m so glad you liked my post on Maggie Harrsen’s photography, I only just noticed now that you linked it on your blog. So thanks!

  • That looks so great! Very inspirational! Will keep it in mind for my next cup of tea…

  • Thank you for the ideas… will most definitely be taking them into account in planning my own tea party. :)

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