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{hair how-to: sexy & tousled}



. . . before dashing out the door with a latte and mile-long to-do list, a very favourite way to wear my hair {besides a chignon, of course!} is in soft, loose waves, a little tousled, a little sexy and a little ’70s — wonderful for the work-week, but especially so for the weekend, but whether it’s a downtown lunch meeting or a late sunday brunch, it’s always perfect for breezy april days . . .


b e f o r eoy o uob e g i n,op e r f e c tot h eos e t
three essential steps, for just enough volume & bounce to be the building block of any style:

o n e
begin with freshly shampooed hair, for a beautiful, natural shine

t w o
massage volume & body mousse through the roots, then blow-dry hair smooth, using a large round brush if your hair is naturally curly, or a paddle brush if your hair is naturally straight

t h r e e
for body, you can use hot rollers, velcro rollers, or a large curling iron; for a curling iron, randomly twist slices of hair around the barrel and carefully pin up until cool, and you’re set for any of the sexy, tousled styles below…


e a s y t w i s t
a ponytail on top, pulled up in the back, then turned over on itself like a bun–but only half done; one elastic band (and a couple of pins if your hair is really thick) should do the trick


u n d o n e u p – d o
a random parting, a few loose tendrils left out and a tiny bit of back-brushing on the crown, gently lift the top and sides, ease it all back and hold with an elastic band

s o f t b u n c h e s
let hair fall into a natural, off-centre part, then gather the lengths into two ponytails and fasten very loosely with ribbon just below the shoulders



n a t u r a l b o d y
or, if your prefer, for an even less laboured look, after hair is set, simply brush out just enough that it looks a little lived-in, being careful to not straighten ends, keeping a few relaxed a curls



{p.s.} previous how-to‘s:

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e v e r y t h i n g e l s e
* a braided brass hex nut bracelet
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{images: from glamour uk, fashion editorial, the big easy; model: lindsay lullman at next models, london; photographer: simon emmett; creative director: charlotte-anne fidler; hair: sam mcknight at premier; makeup: mary greenwell at premier; nails: andrea fulerton at emma davis via fashionising; steps adapted from glamour uk}

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  • So gorgeous… so obsessed with this blog

  • Anonymous said...

    Like a donut bun? p.s how did u do the front ?

  • anonymous — yes — pull hair into a ponytail on top of your head, fold forward and in half, then pin it under

  • Anonymous said...

    i don’t get how you did the easy twist got any more tips on how to pin it up?

  • I love this! Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is so beautiful and so helpful. Must admit that I’m completely in the dark when it comes to styling my own hair, truly! Each time I try to style, never quite turns out how I imagine or hope so I usually end up wearing it down straight or up in a bun. However this looks possibly doable so I’m going to give it a try! Thank you for sharing and convincing me to put forth a little more effort. It looks gorgeous.


  • these are wonderful looks + how-to’s—thank you for sharing them! I might have to try the slight up-do tomorrow… it’s my Mum’s Birthday, church and work all in one day, so I think it will be the ideal look :)

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.


    p.s I came across the most pretty vintage teacup, with a scalloped edge, pearly interior, in pale pink, with gold detailing and wished that I could send it to you…

  • Ohhh with this kind of weather in ny, i need to be rocking the tossled windy a little rainy look. perfect share.

  • ugh these are lovely. i think when i try to go for “tousled” it just looks messy :/

    the daily nook :}

  • what gorgeous hair she’s got..any which way you style it..its beautiful and she’s stunning too..thanks for sharing the tips..have a lovely visit a surreal holiday home on my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  • As a blondie with hair akin to rabbit fur I like this post~~oh to have vavavoom hair! We can dream, can’t we?!

  • that undone updo is spectacular!!!

  • just getting my hair to a length were I can do these sexy styles.
    Now I am ready for spring!

  • I love 60’s and 70’s inspired hair :) just the other day, I was doing my hair trying to keep in mind “modern day Bridgette Bardot”…love it!
    love, live & wear

  • Gorgeous hair! I wish mine could look like that.. sadly, it is insanely thick and never lays quite right. You have inspired me.. somehow I must find a way!

  • So soft and feminine.xx

    Thank you so much for including me in your links last week!


  • Oooh… I love to have that kind of soft wavy hair! The makeup is so glamorous too!

  • adore this!

  • maggie may — certainly :) just take the piece of hair that you’ve just curled and loosely pin it up so that it is easier to work with a new section to curl — a large metal salon clip would work — hope that helps! x

  • Can you elaborate on “pinning up” the curls you just created? It would be so helpful! Thanks xo.

  • So that’s what my look is called…honestly it happens because one I live near the sea and the air is perfect for this look and two, I am always running or rushing to the next meeting! Love it.

  • Oh I love sexy loose hair this has to be my favorite way tower my hair

  • thank you, i am in desperate need of some hair inspiration, so lovely.

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