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. . . if the glass-front cabinet in the living room were not filled with books, old photographs and love letters tied with ribbon, it would be filled with shoes, shoes, shoes — only there would not be room for his things as here, and of course, everything would be heels . . .

{p.s.} more shoe storage here

{image: vtwonen via interiors porn}

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  • LOVE this and some great inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  • heather — thank you! xx

    meenal @ maison marigold — you as well :)

    bostonista — always love closed/hidden storage as well, but adore the idea of having a few places where things can be stored and kept on display at the same time, especially if the display were pretty shoes…

    rachel — ♥♥♥

    then enchanted home — am the same with shoes — thinking the cabinet could be saved for only the most favourite and prettiest pairs?

  • This case is amazing and it needs to be in my life! I’d put the best of the best of my vintage collection in here. *swoon*


  • Great inspiration photos…I am currently in the market for new shoe storage so this is totally on time. Thanks for sharing! <3

  • Cabinets are so pretty and a great fit for any room – love the airiness of this one!

  • Gorgeous display and great idea. So much better than the shoe rack I currently have!

  • Those old metal cabinets are so much fun… With nothing in them they have personality……This was a great example of use.!Maryanne ;)

  • Charming IF you own 10 pair of shoes..I have virtual shoe store (yes its a combination of being a shoe fanatic and not knowing when to get rid of them) so I would need a monstrous armoire to house all my shoes, the goodies, the oldies and of course a reserve spot for future additions!

  • Lovely. I am obsessed with storage and particularly the creative kind. Difficult to say whether I would be more delighted with a rock, a birkin or some beautiful cabinets ! More more more please, Jx

  • Absolutely! :) You know how much I love this idea already, and I had to smile when you mentioned there would be only room for pretty pretty heels! Why else would you show them off in a display if they weren’t beautiful heels?? :)

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Roséline!


  • So pretty! I love glass cabinets but I’m the opposite of organized-I need to be able to hide my clutter!

  • now wouldn’t that be lovely…hope you are having a beautiful weekend! xx meenal

  • genius. if you’re gonna spend a fortune on shoes, might as well show it off.

  • I think I am going to do this, so much better than boxes. XO

  • I love the idea of storing you shoes in a cabnet like that.

  • I love your blog!! you give me such great ideas for around my apartment!! =]

  • i do that too!!

    i store my shoes on a white bookshelf with adjustable sheles. that way, i can allow for the perfect amount of height for boots, and save space when storing flats :]

    i love the idea of storing shoes in a cabinet though. doors would be nice…

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