{happy st. patrick’s day & spring things}














May you have warm words
on a cold evening,

A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill
all the way to your door.

~ irish blessing


. . . a little wish for this stunningly beautiful, warm and sunny day, and whether you’re traipsing about in quaint and charming pubs or have plans for a quiet and cozy night, wishing you a happy st. patrick’s day, and hope you’re having a lovely week so far xo


{images: 1 – country living via french by design; 2 – saipua for sunday suppers; 3 – scan by this is glamorous, ad campaign: claudia schiffer for jones new york from vogue; 4 – photography by katie quinn davies; 5 – lopp; 6 – mixr; 7 – a glamorous little side project; 8 – bloom magazine via pinterest; 9 – lappen; 10 – zara; 11 – house & garden may 2006 via habitually chic; 12 – a glamorous little side project}

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  • anonymous — oscar de renta :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know the designer of her wedding dress? It is to die for!!

  • Love this post… the combination of greens in different pictures is awesome!!! Congratulations!!

  • love green and white as at my sister’s wedding many, many years ago…
    Love spring inspiration, it make me smile with eyes and heart. Thank’s for posting.

  • stunning post! i love green!

  • You chose some very lovely green things for St. Patty’s. I’m particularly taken by that soup!

  • Claudia looks gorgeous in that photo and all the green in the pictures reminds me that spring is actually here although the weather is still playing tricks on us). Lovely! Ada

  • These picture exemplify why my favorite color is green!

  • It was such a beautiful day! These pictures are making me long for more than the occasional nice day!

  • Love this post full of so much beauty that space in the first photo is phenom! I adore the architectural details, the tea cups and saucers are lovely I have a large collection of my own.

  • my strained eyes said thank you for posting these beautiful fresh images of various shades of green :)

    specially love the sheer blouse + green pants combo. gorgeous!

  • Beautiful! Claudia Schiffer looks so natural! Nice weekend…

  • Absolutely gorgeous images. Thanks for the beauty and inspiration.

  • ooooh that wedding dress… my heart be still…

  • All lovely photos, especially fond of the fresh faced Claudia…she was always one of my fave “Uber’s”.

  • Lovely photos.
    Green is such a Spring/Summer color.

  • that bride is GORGEOUS!

  • Beautifully done, sweetie! What a marvelous, soft and luscious collection of all things green and beautiful!

  • Here, in this post, the most beautiful St. Patrick’s Day- inspired green in all the world! The first photo alone gave me such a sense of calm…and then the beautiful greenery of that lovely cottage, the prettiest tea cups, and that gorgeous bride all just made my heart sing with delight. Such elegance with these lovely shades of green and the various elements of beauty in which they share… Here in Italy, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is highly overshadowed by an Italian holiday – the celebration of 150 years of unification of Italy. So I never even saw a bit of green around town…but rather many Italian flags.

    Thank you for sharing this impossibly gorgeous green inspiration.


  • Love green. Utterly stunning images – thank you for a wonderful uplifting start to the day x

  • happy st. patrick’s day to youtoo!! love that ivy covered house and the green trousers!! xx meenal

  • Bravo. You’ve taken St. Patricks Day to a new level of class. So refreshing to see a divergence from green beer and pub crawling.

  • I could just hug you for all the beauty in this post. I’ve never been envious over a bride, but Oh My Lord! does she not look STUNNING? And that dress is breaking my heart.

  • Happy St. Patricks Day to you! And such a lovely way to catch all the green. We saw some green today so we know it is getting closer. XO

  • Well this post certainly does green picture is as pretty as the previous one! Fabulous…..

  • Happy St. Patty’s Day Roseline! Love that image of the bridal dressing room…so gorgeously ethereal with the floral wallcovering…subtle enough to let the interior shine, but romantic enough to bathe the entire space in a light glow- Love it, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • I love this blog.


  • Beautiful! Lush and lucky ;)

  • Beautiful images.

  • Go green or go home darling! xo

  • My friend got ready for her wedding in that same green wallpapered room and I have a pic of her shoes on the little green stool. So funny! Love it.


  • I adore these green picks, even with just a little bit of daylight left on St. Patty’s Day:)

    My green pick – this wallet from Cole Haan:


  • Happy St Patrick’s Day to you – what a lovely selection of images. I love green. x

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