how to

{valentine’s how-to: sweet nothings garland}



. . . very much smitten with this impossibly sweet glitter garland, perfect for valentine’s day, birthdays, or perhaps even, a random sunny wednesday in mid-winter . . .


{you will need:}
a printer, a sheet of white paper, scissors, glue, glitter, a glue gun, some baker’s twine, embroidery thread or satin ribbon, if you like

print out the words “i love you” in all caps in a font of your choice (here, arial font, black, size 100 pt)

cut out letters

apply a generous amount of glue to the front of each letter and sprinkle with glitter (here, red glitter, but pink or gold would also be lovely)


organize letters glitter side down and backwards, then lay out the length of string or ribbon that you would like


place a small dot of hot glue at the top of the first letter, and sink the string in; repeat for each letter, ensuring that they are the correct distance apart


hang somewhere lovely, in a doorway or an archway, perhaps, and expect to be kissed . . .

{images and instructions adapted from lovely indeed!}