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hello again! . . . a quick note in a flurry of things this week, and it is beginning to look like things may be a little sporadic around here for the first little while . . . there are wonderful new projects to look forward to, and exciting news to share {can not wait to tell you!}, but despite it all, must confess, have become utterly encompassed in organizing and am currently tangled up in old photographs, long lost love letters, and beautiful bits of the past, and slowly, slowly, there is a place for everything and everything in its place . . .

à bientôt / see you soon
and hope you’re having a stunningly lovely
week so far,
roséline xo

{image: reverie daydream via pinterest}

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  • I have not had the urge to visit Paris for many years, but the pictures you post of France make me want to go as soon as the weather breaks, a few weeks in the spring in France would be heavenly.

  • my goodness you make me want to go to Paris in the winter! So so lovely. I do hope you’re having a great start to your new year!

  • Anonymous said...

    all the things i would do to be in paris right now… where’s the fairy to make my wish come true?
    at least some snow, please…

  • .. lovely picture … I was in Paris for New Year’s a few years ago … freaky cold and windy … but this picture is magical … love the blog … Happy New Year

  • Wonderful image of Paris.. Looks so dreamy and creamy.. Carla

  • I would love to see Paris in winter

  • Love the snow!

  • Wouldn’t i love to be there?

  • this year has started of in flurry is right! This will be my busiest year in a very long time (and I thought last year was busy!!)
    But no complaints here, I am very excited about all the new projects coming along.
    I can’t wait to hear about your project!!

  • Such a beautiful image! Would love to be in Paris.
    have a wonderful evening.

  • beautiful image!

  • Reverie always has the most beautiful photography! Paris covered in snow one of the most magical and beautiful sights I’ve ever seen!

  • I’ve only been to Paris in the winter, but it has such a beauty to it with bare trees against the ivory buildings. Very excited to see your coming posts, keep up the good work!

  • this photo makes my heart happy.
    love your blog.

  • i’ve never been to paris in the wintertime. i am now obsessed with this picture!

  • What a lovely turn of phrase
    “tangled up in old love letters”.

    Thank you for sharing this soft image of La Tour.
    I’m currently reading all about its creation in Jane Jonnes’ “Eiffel’s Tower”, I think that you might enjoy it after you’ve untangled yourself from your other loveliness,

    Felicity x

  • Hello Lovely friend! Oh I am so excited to hear the exciting news and to hear about all of the wonderful projects in store for 2011! You deserve every accomplishment as you are an inspiration to us all.

    What a beautiful photo of Paris…just amazing. You have reminded me that I also have some organizing to do, it certainly does always brings back pieces from the past, doesn’t it?!

    Wishing you a very happy Wednesday!

  • There is nothing more romantic than Paris blanketed with snow! LOVE it!
    – xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

  • It is a magical photo and almost makes me want to travel to Paris in the winter! Happy New Year Rosalie! XO

  • I agree with Natalie! You should definitely sell this gorgeous pic. First thing I thought was ahhhhh I love paris, then I thought I should post that beautiful picture on my blog. To you and your photography skills.


  • You should absolutely sell this print… it’s so stunning. Wishing you a happy, organized week. And looking forward to your good news!

  • My daughter and I were in Paris for a snow storm a few years ago – absolutely magical. I hope to repeat it soon! Happy New Year!

  • oh!!! that photo is breathtaking! Someday I’m going to go to Paris!♥

  • My daughter and I were in Paris during a snow storm a few Christmas’ ago and it was absolutely magical. Hope to do it again very soon!

  • I love this photo, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris in the winter, so beautiful! x

  • That picture is jaw dropping beautiful of Paris in the winter! So funny we are trying to plan a getaway just me and hubby and I am trying to convince him to go to Paris but he is against going during the winter, well…maybe i should show him this picture! Stunning!
    Please if you can check out my newly minted blog

    Thanks and all the best in 2011

  • I would LOVE to see Paris in the snow!xx

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