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{how to: a pretty peony bouquet}



. . . with floral patterns and magnolia wreaths in thoughts this week, and last evening’s trip to the flower markets for six luxurious bouquets of roses, could not resist this lovely tutorial for a pretty peony bouquet wrapped in ribbons for a cloudy winter’s day . . .


{you will need:}5 yards of ribbon, flower clippers, string & peonies (10 stems, 5 in two colors)


1. condition flowers: re-cut stems, and place in a bucket of cold water overnight; keep away from food, fruit & drafts
2. remove most of the leaves, keeping only the ones that are towards the top of the stem, near the flower
3. take a few peonies and place in your hand (ex. left hand if you are right-handed)
4. as you add groups of flowers (about 3 stems each), turn the bouquet to the left
5. you will start to see the stems spiral


6. tie securely with string
7. wrap the ribbons over the string and stems to complete the bouquet


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{images: photography/instructions by chelsea of frolic! via delightfully engaged}