{a winter’s day}




. . . and after all the magnificent madness of snow & mistletoe, happily taking a few beautiful moments to linger in the luxurious lull before new year’s, spending time, alone together, slowing down the days {just a little}, and dreaming up nights draped in candlelight . . .

{p.s.} in case you missed, wonderfully exciting news xo

{images: marie claire idées via somethingwhite; photography by paul barbera}

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  • laura trevey — you as well! x

    michelle — thank you & thank you!

  • your blog is sooo beautiful LOVE IT.
    now following!!!

    love m.

  • Happy New Year Roseline!!


  • kathryn — most definitely is romantic :) after being surrounded by others for the past few weeks, so wonderfully luxurious {& romantic!} to spend some time alone, just the two of us . . .


  • rachel {inspiration in italy} — such a lovely, lovely comment & completely made my day — thanks so much rachel! & for always, always taking time to stop by here xo

    captivated by image — definitely! x

    the simply luxurious life — merci beaucoup, beaucoup & always wonderful to hear from you — a wonderful start to the new year to you as well!

    jesscia — welcome! so happy you found your way here & hope to see you soon

    jolie goodnight musick — indulge away :)

  • My goodness I love your ability to encourage my desire to indulge.

    xo, Jolie of

  • Wow. You make staying in sound so luxurious….and romantic. What a lovely, sparkling combination those pearls and diamonds make.

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday!

  • The last photo is so lovely! I’m so very excited for new years (I got invited to an exclusive new years party in this old country estate, wee!).

    Hope your week so far is going beautifully! ~amanda

  • I’ve enjoyed all the beautiful images you’ve shared in the past year. Here’s to many more days of glamorous sharing.

  • new follower here! :)
    so glad i found your blog! absolutely lovely!

  • utterly dreamy… just what i needed on a chilly winter day! hope you had a wonderful holiday m’dear! xo

  • What beautiful images!

  • Absolutely gorgeous images. So dreamy and ethereal. I too love this week that is sandwiched between Christmas and the New Year. Time to dream and to plan and most certainly to enjoy. Roseline, have a wonderful start to the new year. Your blog is continual inspirational and I am always impressed. :)

  • Gorgeous pictures- so wintery and pretty!

  • Beautiful images… I love slowing down these days, hope you enjoy it too.

  • Hi Lovely! These photos are so dreamy…especially loving the 2nd one. All things peaceful, pretty and sparkly just in time for the exciting New Year! You are forever the best inspiration for beauty and feminine glamour.


  • So cozy and elegant!

  • So lovely. Enjoy!x

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