{two lovely things: moments of repose}



. . . running around this week, a trillion things to do and it’s only just begun, thoughts drifting to memories of the past weekend, the first truly relaxing one in quite some time, and remembered the easy afternoons and two lovely things especially came to mind — the delightful leisure of a little time at the shops, and most of all, the luxury of waking late and catching up on much-needed beauty sleep — and so, have taken time to slow things down a little — falling leaves and late-afternoon sun on tuesday, and today, lattes & butter tarts at a quaint café . . .

hope you’re having a brilliant week so far, with time for a few moments of repose,

{p.s.} shall always & forever be in love with the utter romance of coronets & crown canopies . . . more here & here

{also:} recent two lovely things:
* monograms & pink roses
* october mornings
* mirrors & chandeliers
* luxurious textures

{images: unknown; aged and gilded}