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. . . the now softly fading rays of sunlight breaking through the overcast mornings of early november skies with melancholy evoke quiet daydreams of the always inviting combination of grey & yellow, flax & slate, silver & gold . . .

{p.s.} thursday already! hope you’re having a beautiful week

{images: 1 – photography by thibault jeanson, martha stewart living september 2005; 2 – flores del sol via decor8; 3 & 8 – lucyina moodie via desire to inspire; 4 – scan from elle decoration uk; 5 – photography by mikael olsson; 6 – via remodelista; 7 – lara stone via a glamorous little side project; 9 – photography byisis on flickr via julia; 10 – tori golub interiors via desire to inspire; 10 – studiopatró; 11 – martha stewart living}

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  • Fabulous collection of Silver and Gold!

  • I’ve loved grey and gold for so long to mix cool and warm. How perfect, thanks for the lovely pictures

  • mary woodard — so lovely — thank you so much & looking forward to see you x

  • mary woodard said...

    I absolutely love the gray and gold images – your blog is one that I will be visiting daily.

  • So MUCH lovely inspiration in one sweet little post! THANK YOU~!

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living – thank you!

    Full House – thanks so much!

    beauty comma – not at all – definitely time and effort, and yes, always lovely to get feedback – thank you!

    kate – how wonderful! your choices sound absolutely perfect!

    Isis – thank you, and also for letting me know – your photograph is lovely & have fixed the image credits


  • After months of color-commitment-phobia… you’ve helped solidify gold and grey as the color palette for my wedding next October. We’re also included a rich brown and barely-there champagne pink. thanks for always being such an inspiration!

  • * sigh * i love these colour coordinated posts of yours. i hope you don’t mind me repeating it… but in my experience, they take some time and effort to put together, so it’s good to get some feedback, non?

  • Just love this!

  • Ooh! Great minds think alike! And I even included this post in my weekend links and TOTALLY didn’t notice that you’d also posted that gorgeous table setting! Sometimes I don’t know WHERE my head is ;) Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Gorgeous interior pics! Have a sweet day!

  • Out of control beautiful post. So many great images.

  • This looks like my dream home, stunning.x

  • so gorgeous! thank you for the inspiration.

  • Oh my lord, the Lucyina moodie cupboard is my dream cupboard! Thanks for sharing.

    I just came across your blog and love the design inspiration – thanks!

  • Cass – you read my mind. The mercury floral arrangements are heavenly – totally bookmarking for wedding inspiration. The entire color palette is just perfect.

  • oh my… this post is giving me heart palpitations! love those mirrored pitchers and the mercury glass floral arrangements!

  • Um, GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Chloe – must be fate :)

    Felicity – you are so lovely – thanks so much + much love to you xo

    Adriana – thank you!

    goodniteirene – perhaps ilovecoolthings in a comment below could help?

    Christian Moreno – you’re very welcome – your flower arrangements are stunning!

    Kaijuu – beautifully said – and if it’s any consolation, still pining for summer as well :)

    Ilovecoolthings – please do post – would love to see it!

    Blair – so sweet – thanks so much

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Thanks for all the lovely comments – hope you’re having a beautiful week so far – nearly the weekend already . . .

  • Yellow and white is a favourite combination of mine. There is just something so cheerful about it.

  • Honestly, one of the loveliest posts I have ever seen!

  • This photos are beautiful. I love the gold decor inspirations sprinkled throughout some of the decor/design/fashion.


  • fourth picture down, the girl in the picture – i have it, mine is slightly different, in amazing condition and i’ve had it reframed, it’s gorgeous. I’ll have to take a pic and post!

  • such sophisticated photos! esp. love the 4th photo!

    x ws x

  • Decadent, enchanting, an incandescent display of warmth and cheer through a season where I still pine for summer. Brilliantly shone!

  • Those yellow flowers in silver vases in the second shot are UNREAL! Awesome inspiration!

  • Oh my gosh, these images are so so beautiful. It somehow makes me excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  • Ouh…that’s the palette I chose for my new room! 2tones of gray and mustard yellow accents!! grrrrreat!

  • Gorgeous!I love the white earthenware.

  • I am flattered. Thank you. I love the burnt textured wreath in the last tablescape photo. GORGEOUS!!

  • Yellow can so easily be over-syrupy, but tinted with gold and tempered with gray I think it is easily one of the most cheerful and calming of palettes.

  • Beautiful!! The only way to describe this look it glamorous. Very nice!! Love the first bedroom.

  • oh my goodness! absolutely beautiful post, darling! love everything: those flowers, that gold painted table… wow!

  • i need a drool cup for this post. oh my. already trying to hunt down the painting of the asian girl in image #4. need that for my powder room.

  • love photos! so lovely!

  • your images always make me weak at the knees, I love those elegant dressers!

  • I love the dresser. Sadly, my room is too fucking small to accomadate something as fabulous as that. Life is sad.

  • FXOX said...

    Glamorous at your glorious best – love the second pic:-)
    Smiles and much love FXOX

  • How funny is it that I was trying to match a medium charcoal gray cardigan to a deep mustardy-yellow top today? I love this. :D

  • Beautiful! I love the muted colors, especially the mirrored pieces contrasted with gold.

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