{inspiration: on the water + vogue paris}


A little uninspired one morning last week and the only thing to do was spend the rest of the afternoon on the water . . .

Swept up in late-afternoon breezes and sun-reflected waters shimmering like a million diamonds, was reminded of this layout for Vogue Paris:

. . . always obsessed with and inspired by the layouts in Vogue Paris for as long as can remember, and lately with this one is particular, with its varying shades of blue, ultra-thin gold belts, patent leather ankle boots, nautical stripes, and — best of all — the always classic crested blazer— things are looking up for Fall

{images: 1 – Megan Young; 2 – Vogue Paris}

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  • I love that first image. Thank you. Sometimes the only thing is the water…

  • What a beautiful spread. I love Vogue Paris. You know, it’s funny, I feel like so many people were feeling blah last week… I wonder why?! Glad you’ve kicked it:)

  • Lovely — I just purchased a vintage jacket, quite similar, and can’t wait to get it tailored so I can wear it. I like the skinny belt with the denims, also. The clutches are perfect and understated.

    I adore Ralph Lauren for this look…

    Have a lovely day*

  • absolutely loving this look: jeans, thin belt and crested blazer… what else can you ask for? xo

  • oh! i love that look!

  • I have an unwavering, undying love for stripes. This french-nautical theme makes them even that much more chic!

  • love the look!!! that hat in particular…

  • true, Vogue PAris is amazing..I really love anything nautical..so glam!

  • Oh how I love VOGUE Paris, that feature they have is always amazing!

  • always been a fan of the stripes/nautical look. whilst in london two weeks ago i went to petit bateau in search of stripes and could only find a size 12 year old sweater, it’s a bit mini, but fits and ends up being 3/4 sleeves. i may just have to do a posting about it!

  • This sailor style is so sweet, and I always feel so feminine when I am dressed in a well cut jacket and a smidgen of an equestrian accessory…this layout is lovely!

  • I think I was a sailor in a previous life… I just love all things nautical!

  • I love everything nautical and love the beret in that picture! Also, cannot get over blazers! XO

  • The blazer is gorgeous! Love the sailor-look.


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