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Hope you had a lovely weekend! Have been working on a collection of photographs for a guest post on decor8 for the past little while, and on the way to the beach last Friday afternoon a message arrived that it was up — had such fun pulling everything together — all the photographs, with the exception of the Phillip Lim, {which was taken by me}, were taken by the charming BF {happy, happy birthday!}. . . stop by if you like for a few of my favourite things . . .

{image: shoes, this is glamorous, photography by p.}

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  • anonymous — the shoes were designed by a now defunct design duo from edinburgh under the label mimosa, they are a beautiful suede, were made in italy, and cost just under $600 — hope that helps! x

  • Anonymous said...

    Whose name is stamped on these shoes? Why so cryptic?

  • Anonymous said...

    any idea who even makes the shoes??? maybe we can find it on the internet.

  • Anonymous said...

    For anyone interested the Steve Madden Triumphh pump is similar…

    but seriously these are life altering shoes AMAZING, I may die if I don’t find out what they are?!

  • Those shoes really are a dream – if I have to go Italy to find them i will make the sacrifice. Wonderful list too – in the inspiration and beauty never ceases to amaze.

  • I am dreaming, coveting, can’t stop thinking about those shoes!

  • Gorgeous shoes, Im from the UK and would love to know the brand!

  • Simply Seductive – thank you :)

    Beauty Comma – so sweet – thank you

    Sarah Klassen – lovely of you to say so – thanks so much

    Anonymous – made in Italy and sent to the UK – will let you know when I find out more . . .

    Thanks so much, everyone, for being so lovely about the guest post – it was quite the production, so, happy to hear it turned out okay!


  • Anonymous said...

    do you mind letting us know who the designer is of these fabulous shoes??? thanks!

  • Omigosh! They are super adorable! Love Love!


  • amazing shoes!! ugh I LOVE them!

  • Roséline, I love your selection. From those beautiful suede shoes to good, lasting advice — it certainly is a well-rounded list of loveliness…

  • That was a great guest post, Roséline – very glamorous! And the photos are stunning. Thank you! (this kind of post takes a lot of work, I know)

  • It is so nice to get to know you a bit more… lovely inspiration!

    All the very best,

  • these shoes are great, and what a fun photograph of them!

  • Her name was Lola — thanks so much! Hope your week is off to a lovely start xo

    Felicity — you’re so wonderful for saying so :) and yes, one of them was mine — working on posting more photography in the future . . . and thanks again for remembering le charming brit’s birthday! xo

  • FXOX said...

    sorry – R, didnt realise that you had taken one of them too – we’d all like to see both ( in Italics:-) of you and your originals here on TIG!! :-)


  • What a glamorous compilation of your favorite things, Roséline! I love the list. Well done.


  • FXOX said...

    Dear R, just came back from decor8 – pls tell P, the pics are lovely and we’d like to see more of his skills here on TIG :-) in the future! Woohoo!

    My favorite image is the shoes too actually – tho’ all are great – I like his still life compositions very much as well:-).


  • Hello everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. The shoes are really creating quite a stir! Had mentioned in the comments of the previous post that they were a gift from the UK — will try to find a source or similar . . .

    Vestimentum — so glad you liked the photograph! P. will be thrilled :)


  • yes. where are these amazing shoes from???????

  • umm…best shoes ever!! I’m in LOVE!

  • What a lucky gal to own those shoes!!
    Fabulous Finds Gal

  • Vestimentum said...

    I love the photo!

  • i LOVE these shoes… where did you get them?

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