{feels like spring}


Fallen for the amazingly lovely soft lavender silk curtains and streaming sunlight in this Parisian bedroom . . .

. . . and these quietly beautiful rooms that feel like Spring . . .

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  • Wonderful bedroom design. The colour of the curtain matches wonderfully with the white of the bed and walls making it an ideal sunlight enhancer. Great.

  • I’m sorreeee… I couldn’t help myself… I had to steal that Paris bedroom… after all the photo was snapped in my ; Paris apartment… you find the best photos!
    BTW… I’m VIRTUALLY in Paris for the month of April!

  • That first picture makes me want to crawl into bed, and read a fabulous book with the sun shining through the window.
    What a gorgeous balcony!

  • oh i love those chairs!

  • it DOES feel like spring. I actually grabbed a bouquet of bright flowers today just to celebrate the moment. It’s sandal season, ladies. And I for one intend to celebrate every sngle moment of it. ;)

  • oh so pleasant and restful!

  • Luv the shades of lavender, Beautiful!

  • Seems like everyone loves that bedroom! Lavender/purple is my favourite colour and when I saw that image I sighed out loud…how perfectly beautiful! I love white bedlinen combined with a splash of colour in the curtains and this is perfect!
    Of course it’s autumn here in Australia, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of gorgeous spring like colours for my home :)

  • Anonymous said...

    I love your clean style! Kisses!
    Carla Teixeira

  • Just breathtaking.
    When I see something like this; something so simple and peaceful, my heart aches for that experience.
    Those two chairs posess something so calming. Do you have any idea where those are made, where I could buy them, or where something really similar is?
    I just really love that.

  • I don’t think there is any color that says spring better than lilac. Just think about it makes me think of meadows of flowers.

  • oh dreamy bedroom!lilac is definatly feeling fresh again, I went off it for a long time but its so nice in the spring!xxx

  • Callie — doesn’t it look like the most lovely place to have a leisurely morning?

    Jen — would definitely be a trip she would remember forever!

    Things That Inspire — always on my mind, and would agree there’s nothing like it . . .

    Caroline — isn’t it such a fantastic colour?

    J. Cochran — sounds perfectly lovely!

  • Great rooms! The bedroom with the lavender curtains makes me want to drink chanmpagne with brunch and sleep away the afternoon.

  • aaaah!! the first bedroom is simply dreamy! no words! I didn’t realize how much I loved lavender until I saw this image!

  • Spring is here too. Paris is great when the sun comes out, everyone seems so much happier and the city feels alive. Carla

  • Paris is on the mind of a lot of bloggers this week! There is no other place in the world like it, is there?

  • The white, lavender and aqua in these photos are very refreshing and perfect for spring :-)

  • oh my goodness, I LOVE that first image!!!!

  • It’s getting chilly here again, but these sure do warm me up!

  • I wish I had a Paris apartment with a bed by the window! It’s snowing here in Toronto (and it’s April!). I can’t wait to go back to Paris next month–this time with my 2-year-old. I’d love to show her around the lovely city!

  • Oh, that bedroom is just divine! I love that they are silk and even better that they are in Paris!

  • love that lilac bedroom… it’s gorgeous! definitely my ideal…



  • that bedroom is amazingly beautiful and cosy. and I would love to jump into that cosy bed!!!
    the drapery is delicously sweet.

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