{in search of inspiration}


. . . it seems that in every search for inspiration, all paths lead to Paris . . .

lovely winter blues

{images: French Style via apartment therapy}

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  • LOVE that first photo! How did I miss it… I did not leave a comment… soooo glad we have reminders of passed posts!

  • what a beautiful pair of photos. your blog is so wonderful.

  • you have such amazing style and such an eye for design and photography! SO much fun to peruse your blog.

  • Hello lovely Felicity!

    So wonderful to hear from in comments, even if it is under sad circumstances with domino, and even sadder still, with your yahoo address being taken down?

    Will you e-mail with another address for emergencies? Would love to stay in touch and would hate not to have a way to reach you . . .

    So excited for your new adventures! Whatever could they be? A new cherub? A big move? In terrible suspense! :)


  • RF – sounds like Paris is your inspiration as well – thanks for sharing your story and for your lovely comment about the blog :)

    Lisa golightly – thanks so much.

    Ms Unreliable :)

    E – love all your crazy commenting!

    Bee – sounds perfect!

    Trina – Happy New Year to you as well.

  • I couldn’t agree more.. love these images!
    Happy New year!
    xx Trina

  • Look at all that silver…and that beautiful mirror! Can we take a trip to Paris together? I suddenly need to return : )

  • So true. I’ve never visited, but have it in my sights this year in the Fall. I can’t wait to go.

  • I am commenting like crazy on your blog today because I missed so many posts. So I’m getting all happy feasting my eyes upon such beauty! I love that sea green chair!! Beautiful!!

  • Ah Paris, how I miss you so! And how I must stop eating so many croissants to fill the void! :D


  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Ain’t it the truth. A little snow, a little café, a little architecture, and a whole lotta style. I’ve been thinking that it’s about time we head back.

  • So pretty…all of the paleness and then the “pop” of the green chair. I love it.

  • I can’t wait to get back to Paris!
    Lovely images of the most inspirational city in the world.


  • I feel like Paris is over everything lately. I just finished watching Something’s Gotta Give. Ahh, French music, French language, French fashion. So much to love!

  • Lovely lovely shots … I am especially drooling on the aqua chair.
    I linked your blog to mine under my “addictive blogs” list. Thanks ! Lisa

  • Tongue in Cheek — thanks so much for stopping in — your photos are beautiful! The top image, in Paris, is wonderful, and the bottom, your home is Provence, is lovely, lovely! Have always loved the south of France.

  • Hello

    The photos are both mine. I am an American who has lived in France for over twenty years.
    The first photo was taken in Paris along the river Seine at a bookstall.
    The second photo is a small corner of my home. The objects are things I collected at the brocante (antique flea market)

    Thank you for your link and compliment… though I am not French and my home is in Provence (the south of France.) ;)

  • Oh yes… Paris, sigh.

  • Love the green chair in the bottom pic.

  • that’s funny, i just found a picture of mine that is similar to your shot of the seine, showing the river , the trees and the buildings.

    i had just been let go from a national furniture company, where i had been the regional design director.
    i hadn’t painted since i was a kid, but i painted a picture of that.

    surprisingly, it is not horrible.

    i love your blog.


  • You said it sister! It’s infinitely entertaining and there’s always something new, even in the old!

  • yes, it seems to be the way. The french have a wonderful way of capturing and delivering inspirational pieces. I must admit have a small crush on the french….


  • Oh, if only I were really there:)

  • yes, paris with all its beauty! an inspiration for all…cant wait to visit again!
    great images!

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